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Some people are named after where they were conceived. For example Brooklyn, Paris...

My friend Ally doesn't agree.

Video Games need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to in-game character names...

I'm getting real sick and tired of always protecting some girl named Ally.

Why did Stalin ally himself with Hitler?

He thought they had the same political leanings. After all, three reichs should make a left.

In Spider-Man, I always considered Harry's father an ally..

A shame he ended up as Dafoe.

My street looks like a garbage dump...

...litter ally!

How I fall asleep

People get jealous of me because of how fast I fall asleep so I'm going to share my secret. First of all, ally you have to do is close your ey...

WW3 starts...

and Germany instantly attacks their ally France out of muscle memory.

My obese Ex-wife, Ally, worked in a Californian grenade factory. She got struck by a grenade during her lunch break while covered in sticky urine.

Supper Cali frag a lick stick ex pee Ally dough sus

3 men running from gangsters

3 men running from gangsters turn into a dead end where they see 3 potato sacks, with nowhere to go they hide inside the potato sacks

the gangsters turn into the ally thinking they lost them they decide to kick each bag to make sure they are not hiding inside

the gangsters kick the first sack and first man meows like a cat so they
think "oh it's just a stray cat"

they kick the second sack so next man barks like a dog and they think "oh it's just a stray dog"

they kick the third sack and last guy replies "Potato"

How do you get the Italians to be an effective ally in a world war?

This isn't a joke, I'm asking.

You can get All-You-Can-Eat Parrotfish

At the Jimmy Buffet

What does the green in the American flag stand for?

Being a reliable ally.

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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