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Girl, if your beauty was represented in stocks, I'd invest everything...

Because you're at an all-time low.

(Use it to seal the deal on Valentine's Day)

I love pirating music!

"What Should We Do with a Drunken Sailor?" is my all-time favorite song

The most potent strain of marijuana has just been released to the public

reports say consumption has reached an all-time high

My all-time favorite one liner NSFW

Why doesn't Osama bin Laden have sex with his five wives?

Because every time he spreads their legs he sees Bush.

Which heavenly body is Gods all-time favorite?

Saturn.....He even put a ring on it.

The CEO of a successful hummus production company talking to his financial advisor...

Our profitability is at an all-time high, we have over 2,500 employees and everyone seems happy. I feel like I've done all I can in the hummus business world and I want to branch out. This might sound strange, but I've always wanted to create and manage a golden shower, fetish-type website. What are your thoughts on that?

The advisor, with a puzzled look on his face, pauses for a few seconds and responds: I think you need to be more versatile with your investments. You'd be taking on a huge risk considering the profitability of both companies would be 100% reliant on chickpea.

After World War 2, birth rates and the libido among Japanese males was at an all-time low. Why?

They lost their tojo.

Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia rice-growing is at an all-time low

But the South will rice again

Fox News is reporting President Trump's polling at an all-time low....

...with only a 108% approval rating.

I read the communist manifesto, and I gotta say it wasn't as good as the greatest literary work of all-time...

...the Percy Jackson series.

"A mushroom walks into a bar..." (My all-time fav joke)

A mushroom walks into a bar. He sits next to a beautiful woman and tries to pick her up. He gives her a few cheap lines, and she replies Get out of here, I don't want nothing to do with you!

Then the mushroom says, What's the matter? I'm a fun-gi!

3 men on a boat

So there are 3 men on a boat and they have 4 cigarettes but no cagarette lighter

so they threw a cigaretee over board and THEY BECAME A CIGARETTE LIGHTER
my alltime favorite joke.

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