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If nationalists got 100% of the seats in the Parliament... would be all-right.

A duck walks into a bar.

the bartender says, "what can I get you duck?"

the duck says, "you got any grapes?"

the bartender replies, "no this is a bar, we don't have any grapes."

the duck leaves and then comes back the next day.

the bartender sees the duck and he says, "allright duck, what'll you have?"

the duck says, "you got any grapes?"

The bartender says, "ok duck let's get something straight. we didn't have any grapes yesterday, we don't have any today and we're not gonna
have any grapes tomorrow. if you come in here one more time asking for grapes, I'm going to take your bill and nail it to the bar."

The duck says, "whoa, take it easy!" The duck gets up and leaves.

The next day, the 3rd day in a row, the duck walks into the bar. The bartender sees the duck, rests his hands on bar, leans forward, and says, "ok duck, what'll you have?"

The duck says, "you got any nails?"

Bartender says, "nope."

Duck says, "you got any grapes?"

Why was the stroke patient whose left side was paralysed sent home?

His report said that he was all-right.

If you ever have a stroke

just know that you'll be all-right.

Why did Matthew Mcconaughy get good grades?

His answers were all-right

Did you hear about the man who got his entire left side cut off?

Don't worry, he's allright now.

If you're ever havibg a seizure just remember that you will be......


My opinions on the Brett Kavanaugh topic is one that I think most of you can agree with.

He's an all-right guy

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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