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  1. If Silver Surfer and Iron man... If Silver Surfer and Iron man began working together, they'd be alloys
  2. What did Thor start calling ironman after he learned the suit was made out of gold titanium alloy? Ironyman
    ... To be fair Goldtitaniumalloyman just didn't have the same ring.
  3. Did you hear that you can buy iron and carbon for the price of just 1 alloy? What a steel!
  4. Did you hear about the metal tariffs placed by the U.S.? Turns out they were imposed on some key "alloys."

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  1. If Ironman and Silver Surfer teamed up They would be alloys
  2. If Iron Man and the silver Surfer Joined Forces They would become alloys
  3. Iron Man and the Silver Surfer should team up. They'd be strong alloys.
  4. What happened when tge Silver Surfer met Iron Man? They became alloys!
  5. What happens if you steel? You have to get Alloy-er
  6. What do you call iron man and silver surfer when they work together? Alloys.
  7. Why did brass and steel team-up together during the war? Because they were alloys.
  8. Don't you just hate it when a bad joke is so ironic..... ....and you get super-alloyed?
  9. Why are metal alloys so strong? They have a nice diet of anions and lattices.
  10. My local hardware store had a sale on all its alloys, so I purchased one It was a steel
  11. What do you get when you mix multiple metals and a reptile An alloy-gator
  12. What do you call an iron/carbon alloy that never gets embarrassed? Shameless steel
  13. Irony Just an alloy of Fe and Yttrium
  14. What do you get when you combined a baseball player with a metal alloy? A steel
  15. Why didn't the iron bar & gold ring declare war with one another? Because they're alloys.

Alloys joke, Why didn't the iron bar & gold ring declare war with one another?

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Do you guys have any clean ish Super Hero jokes?

I'm going to be an Emcee at a superhero themed event and some jokes would be great. The s**... assault superman one just won't fly. Many people there aren't really into super heros but some (very few) are.
My favorite so far is...
If Iron Man and Silver Surfer teamed up....they would be alloys.

Alloys joke, My local hardware store had a sale on all its alloys, so I purchased one