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A boy sees an alligator in the zoo

A boy sees an alligator in the zoo and shouts

"Hey are you a caiman?"

"I'm alright, thanks kid!" He replies

A boy sees an alligator in the zoo and shouts "Hey are you a caiman?"

"I'm alright, thanks kid", he replies.

So I was out at the museum with my daughter today and got the ultimate dad joke. Employee asks kids "Does anyone know the difference between a Crocodile and an Alligator?"

One will see you later and the other will see you in a while?
Daughter groaned, employee laughed and other dad's nodded approvingly.

A kid asks his dad for alligator shoes for Christmas

The man being poor cannot afford them,so he goes out to find an alligator,he looked at some swamps and lakes for hours with no luck,on his way home that night worrying how his son will so disappointed on Christmas morning,halfway home he sees an alligator walking across the road,he runs out of his truck chasing the alligator,after about half a mile he catches the alligator turns it over on its back and...
Sees it has no shoes,he picked a poor alligator
(Credit to Captain Ron in New Orleans at a swamp tour place)

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