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Why did NASA cancel the all-female spacewalk?

None of them would go outside the rocket wearing the same outfit.

NASA decides to send up an all-female crew for their next shuttle mission...

"Houston, we have a problem."
"What's the problem?"
"Nothing. Nevermind."
"Repeat, what is the nature of the problem?"
"It's fine, whatever."

The first all-female spacewalk happened recently

Meanwhile in space:
"Houston, we have a problem."
"What sort of a problem?"
"Well if you don't know without asking, I guess there is no problem at all! Everything is JUST FINE!".

I'm surprised they didn't make an all-female Ghost Busters sooner...

Busting ghosts at three quarters on the dollar? What a savings!

What's a scientist's favourite all-female band?

Densities Child.

All-Female Crew

As the aircraft was taxiing towards the runway to take off, the voice on the speaker welcomed passengers on board and introduced them to the pilot.
"Your captain is Miss Mary Joystick...."
"You mean to tell me this plane is being piloted by a woman?"asked an alarmed passenger to a stewardess."
"Yes, sir," replied the stewardess. "So is the co-pilot, Miss Jane Understudy. So also are the radio operator and the navigator, they are all women in command."
"I must see this for myself," said the passenger. "Please take me to the cockpit."
"We don't call it that any more, sir," replied the stewardess.

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