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nuns have desires too

two nuns were riding their bicycles through the back streets and alleys of rome.

one turns to the other and says, "i've never come this way before".

the other nun says, "it's the cobblestones".

Did you know that taxis in Germany can only pick up customers on special side streets?

They're called Deutschland Uber alleys.

I went to Amsterdam and decided to visit the red light district...

In one of the back alleys I met a man who asked "Looking for a good night"

I replied yes, so he gave me his offer

"My ordinary prostitutes all cost 1cent a go, but my finest are beyond money. They will cost you your arm and leg.

I thought about this and finally said

"If your finest women cost an arm and a leg, I'd a penny for your thots..."

English is a tough language...

It's known for beating up other languages in dark alleys for little more than spare grammar and loose vocabulary.

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