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  1. When Trump borrows $1,000,000 from his dad it's a small loan But when he donates that much money to Texas, it's a yuuuge contribution
  2. A plane carrying Donald Trump made an emergency landing in New Orleans after alleged engine failure over the Gulf of Mexico. Turns out there was just a loud whine coming from the right wing.
  3. The FBI are raiding an alleged spy's apartment, when they discover a hard drive labelled KGB . One of the agents holds it up with a look of confusion and says, why wouldn't he just write 1 TB?
  4. "Allegedly Trump gave Russians intelligence " I wonder how much he had in the first place and how much he is left with.
  5. Lance Armstrong flew to NY yesterday to fight the
    allegations of doping.
    ... would have been more convincing if he'd taken a plane, though.
  6. Allegedly John Adams In my many years, I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress
  7. Subway is really upset about allegations concerning the meat in their subs... They haven't been this worried about meat between buns since Jared was sentenced.
  8. I have no doubt prince andrew will walk away from all of the accusations alleged toward him without any consequences No sweat
  9. Archibald Spooner was allegedly an ornithologist. Well, he was actually more of a word botcher.
  10. Lance Armstrong decided to fly to France to fight against the doping allegations against him. It would have been more convincing if he had taken a plane.

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  1. Aunt Millie's secret recipe has been stolen by Sara Lee's brother. Alleged Lee.
  2. Did you hear about the allegations on the forged distillery? Sorry, fake brews.
  3. what's the worst thing about wild alligators? their wild allegations
  4. Germany has allegedly started a new meme sharing website. It is called *neingag*
  5. What do you call someone who makes allegations against you? An allegator!
  6. What song did the Saudi consulate pokemon player sing? Gotta catch Jamal (allegedly)
  7. Hey, did you hear the new evidence for the Kavanaugh allegation? Ya, me neither.
  8. What do you call a crocodile that's always making allegations on others? An allegator.
  9. Lawyers have feelings too.. ...allegedly.
  10. Don't get sued by an alligator His allegations will be tough to pay off
  11. What is the primary job of an alligator? ...make allegations
  12. I like my dust like I like my s**... harassment allegations. Swept under the rug.
  13. s**... assault allegations in 2017 are like Pringles. You can't have just one.
  14. Are y'all getting tired of these s**... harassment allegations on the news?

Allegedly joke, Are y'all getting tired of these s**... harassment allegations on the news?

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Comedian Jeff Dunham has been accused of s**... assault

After allegations from his coworkers saying that he's been f**... them for decades.
Just look up his Youtube channel if you want to see evidence of this a**.... Millions have just sat by and watched while these poor souls suffered through tremendous pain right in-front of them.

Brett Kavanaugh has stated that he will not be pressured into withdrawing his Supreme Court bid by the allegations made against him.

He sounds like the kind of guy who just won't take 'no' for an answer.

I'm voting for an old, senile, racist, sexist, white man with r**... allegations this year for president.

But I'm still not sure which one to pick.

Peter Dinkalage has been accused of s**... harassment.

He allegedly told the woman that her hair smelled nice.

What letter do pirate's hate the most?

Dear Charter Internet Customer:

Charter Communications ("Charter") has been notified by a copyright owner, or its authorized agent, that your Internet account may have been involved in the exchange of unauthorized copies of copyrighted material (e.g., music, movies, or software). We are attaching a copy of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice that Charter received from the copyright holder which includes the specific allegation.

My girlfriend left me because of my alleged pasta f**....

Right now I'm feeling cannelloni...

Allegedly joke, My girlfriend left me because of my alleged pasta f**....