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  1. Today I was turned away from an LGBTQ organized event. To think I thought they were inclusive. This is the last time I take my pack of lions to a pride parade.
  2. I know this is unpopular to say in this inclusive culture but there are some races I don't like Especially the 800 m dash
  3. This culture of inclusiveness is getting out of hand I mean, even Jurassic Park engineered a Trannysaurus Rex
  4. You can't say America isn't inclusive and progressive The Current president is a black man and latest election was between a female and a mentally handicapped person.
  5. Canadians can be such hypocrites about gender inclusion... There are towns that are against rainbow sidewalks but have no problem at all with the Trans-Canada Highway.
  6. After millenia of lackluster inclusion of women, there will now be a female version of Hercules. Ironically, her name will be Himcules
  7. So I hear Chikfila is trying to be more inclusive Have you tried their new chicken transtenders?

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  1. where do the French go during a battle? An all inclusive Retreat
  2. [original] Which band is the most tolerant and inclusive? U2
  3. Iron-man is such an non-inclusive and sexist name. Fe-male would be much better
  4. An all inclusive guide for lurkers: How to reach the front page. Details inside.
  5. Inclusion Rider? I Barely even inclusion Know 'er!

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My mom was checking out some glossy brochures to travel to a place she's never been where she'd be waited on hand and foot 24/7 with all inclusive dining and entertainment

I agreed and put her in a nursing home

I have a plan to make bathrooms more gender inclusive

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