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A Paladin takes his car to a mechanic

A Paladin takes his car to a mechanic. "Whenever I'm driving, I get these strange urges to run over pedestrians."

The mechanic has a look under the car. "Your alignment is off."

I told my chiropractor that my spine was already in alignment, but he proved me wrong.

Now I stand corrected.

A Paladin goes into a mechanic's shop...

A paladin goes in to a mechanic's shop, and says "Hey, you've got to help me. Normally, I'm a perfect, upstanding paladin. I help old ladies cross the street, I tithe, I slay evil demons. But when I get in my car, I only have the urge to cause property damage and run people over. What's going on?"

The mechanic responds almost immediately. "Oh, yeah. What you've got there is a problem with your alignment."

I'm think my car needs an alignment

It keeps drifting towards the liquor store..

Why did the chiropractor have trouble waiting behind people?

Because he didn't know what alignment.

I hope this one cracks you up!

I think my truck needs an alignment...

It always pulls towards the liquor store.

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