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  1. A Web Designer decided to use right aligned text His boss yelled at him for it, because it wasn't justified.
  2. A guy was just sacked from the local print shop for always aligning their text to the left margin I think it's justified.
  3. Why did the chiropractor have trouble waiting behind people? Because he didn't know what alignment.
    I hope this one cracks you up!
  4. Dad says he's practicing Tai Chi to learn how to align his 'Chi's Now, he says, he just needs to learn how to align his crackers, and he'll be able to make a perfect party platter.
  5. As part of the alignment of strategy for cabinet departments, Trump announced to congress his plan for housing vouchers Redeemable for a cardboard box behind Safeway.
  6. A front end auto shop sponsored a beauty pageant to increase sales but it had the opposite effect when they started promoting their Miss Alignment Contest
  7. LPT: If you couldn't fit all of the planets in the planetary alignment in one shot Try backing up a bit
  8. A group of crows is called a m**... of crows.... A group of crows aligned evenly to both margins is justified m**....

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Aligning One Liners

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  1. I'm think my car needs an alignment It keeps drifting towards the liquor store..
  2. They say when a Japanese girl is really turned on... The pixels will align.
  3. All people are binary Some are just not aligned with their bits
  4. What do you call it when the stars align for a mustard thief? A Gulden's opportunity.
  5. Mohawk haircut was invented ... by a barber who just wanted to align some sideburns
  6. I think my truck needs an alignment... It always pulls towards the liquor store.
  7. Can you appoint a point? No, but you can align a line
  8. I had my Mustang aligned the other day But it still keeps pulling towards the crowd...
  9. What's the MS Word tab alignment most often used by college students? Bar tab
  10. I just did an alignment on my car... But my car still pulls into crowds :(

Aligning Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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A Paladin takes his car to a mechanic

A Paladin takes his car to a mechanic. "Whenever I'm driving, I get these strange urges to run over pedestrians."
The mechanic has a look under the car. "Your alignment is off."

A Paladin goes into a mechanic's shop...

A paladin goes in to a mechanic's shop, and says "Hey, you've got to help me. Normally, I'm a perfect, upstanding paladin. I help old ladies cross the street, I tithe, I slay evil demons. But when I get in my car, I only have the urge to cause property damage and run people over. What's going on?"
The mechanic responds almost immediately. "Oh, yeah. What you've got there is a problem with your alignment."

I used to think that crystal girls where s**....

All their talk about how crystals would "align their chakras and give them powers" made me think they were dumb.
How could a rock give them powers?
But then I tried crack.

A physicist walks into a bar...

and orders two drinks, having one for himself and leaving the other one untouched at the stool beside him. The next day, the bartender notices that he does it again, and the day after, he does it a third time. When he does it a fourth time, the bartender finally asks him "why do you keep ordering two drinks but only having one?". In response, the physicist says "according to the laws of physics, there is a statistical chance that billions of atoms could align perfectly and form a beautiful woman sitting on the stool". The bartender then asks "why don't you just ask a woman to have a drink with you and see if she says yes?", to which the physicist replies "well what's the chance that that's actually going to happen?"

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