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Why did the mermaid rush out of her maths exam, red faced and embarrassed?

Because her algaebra didn't hold up.

Why was the mermaid kicked out of Geometry class?

She forgot her Algae-bra.

What does a mermaid wear to a Maths class ?

An algaebra.

Note: Not my original. I had read this somewhere a few years ago. Kudos to the original creator.

What does a mermaid wear to math class

An algae-bra

I'm not sorry

What does a Mermaid bring to math class?

An algae-bra.

What did the mermaid wear for math class?


Wat did the mermaid wear to her math exam?

An algae-bra.

Algaebra joke, Wat did the mermaid wear to her math exam?

One of the kids I'm tutoring told me this joke today: What maths subject do fish study?


My math teacher grew seaweed on his wife's undergarments.

He really was fond of algae-bra.

Did hear about the math teacher who took off all her clothes and went swimming in a lake?

She came out with an algae-bra.

What kind of math do fish like?


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What did the mermaid wear to the math class?


P.S not my own . Reposting someone's original from years ago. Kudos to him

Why was the mermaid embarrassed and crying in the classroom?

She forgot her Algae-bra. Ha..

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