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Alfred : Master Bruce, Quess Who I Saw Today?

Bruce Wayne : Who?

Alfred : Not Your Parents.

Bruce Wayne : Why You're Doing This Alfred?

Alfred : They Told Me To

Bruce Wayne : Who?

Alfred : Not Your Parents.

My friend told me I have a really bad problem remembering names.

I said, "who do you think I am, Alfred Einstein?"

Batman: I must save this city

Alfred: Well you're a billionaire so maybe you can redistribu...

Batman: This bat suit is the only way

What do you call a film director that has crabs?

Alfred Itchcock

Alfred Nobel is considered the inventor of dynamite

...because all the others could not be positively identified.

A Target inspired joke

I got fired from Target but it was worth it. My coworker Alfred was stocking shelves and I was at front. A large lady came in and inquired about the mobility scooter. Hmmm I thought. A mobility scooter for fat people.

I got on the intercom and announced "Alfred, please bring around the Fatmobile."

Knock knock

Knock knock
Who's there ?
Alfred .
Alfred who ?
Alfred no-bell

What do you call a film director with an STD?

Alfred 'ItchCock

Batman: "Alfred, why do people deny global warming?"

Alfred: "Some men just want to watch the world butn."

Alfred Nobel got rich by selling dynamite

Growth was Explosive

If Norman Bates was batman's dad..

would Alfred call Bruce, Master Bates?

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How does Alfred call batman for dinner?

Dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner batman!

Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" would have been far more terrifying ...

if the pigeons had organized a coup.

Ok, I'm done now.

Alfred: Your bathwater's ready in the bathroom, sir.

Batman: We've been over this, Alfred. BATwater. BATroom.

What did Alfred call Master Wayne before he started dating Rachel?


What was Alfred Hitchcock's favorite film technique?

The crane shot.

Alfred finds Bruce injured on the floor in his apartment. He rushes to him and..


Alfred: I can't hear the TV.

Steve: I can't either, it's muted. Also, you're deaf.

Alfred: What?

Alfred Einestein was a genius

But his brother Frank was a monster

Why did the English think Alfred the Great was so smart?

He knew all the Angles.

Alfred the Great may have been the greatest monarch

But you know who was the worst? Richard the Goatfucker.

Batman's last name should have been Bates instead of Wayne, it looks like it fits

Also Alfred could have a good laugh

How does Alfred Hitchcock keep his pants up?

He wears suspensers.

Awful wordplay - you have been warned

Who didn't invent the bell - Alfred Nobell

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