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  1. Alex Trebek died shortly after Sean Connery. He had to hurry and get to heaven before Connery found his Mother.
  2. Why is it difficult to replace Alex Trebek? Because most people don't want to put their life in Jeopardy.
  3. Alex Trebek: Jesus Loves You. What is a good thing to hear in church, but not so much in a Mexican prison?
  4. ALEX TREBEK: This accidental discovery in 1928 opened the door to modern antibiotics **ME:** *(spraying a mouthful of popcorn)* WHAT IS A DOORKNOB?!

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  1. I asked Alex Trebek: "What is Jeopardy?" He responded: "What is Jeopardy?"
  2. Poor Alex Trebek... I heard his job is in Jeopardy
  3. did you hear about what happened to Alex Trebek's resume? His whole career's in jeopardy
  4. Alex Trebek said a racial slur in an interview His job is now in Jeopardy
  5. Why doesn't Alex Trebek want to host another game show? Because his life is in Jeopardy
  6. Hey did you guys hear Alex Trebek is in the hospital? What is blood clot in the brain?
  7. A patron kicked out of a bar. Who is a drunk and belligerent Alex Trebek?
  8. If Alex Trebek is accused of s**... harrasment... his career will be in jeopardy!

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Mike Tyson is playing Jeopardy and the clue is "The part of a flower's stamen where pollen is produced".

He's the first to buzz in. Alex Trebek calls on him:
Alex: "Mike?"
Mike: "What is the answer?"
Alex: "You can't ask me, Mike. You have to give me the answer."
Mike: "I am! What is the answer?"
Alex: "You have to give *us* the answer to the clue, Mike, we can't tell you."
Mike: "Listen, Trebek, I'm telling you it's the answer."
Alex: "Mike, I'm not sure you understand the rules of Jeopardy."
Mike: "How many timeth do I have to thay it? What ith the anther?!"

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