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So a guy walks into a bar with a giraffe......

They have a good few drinks and get rather drunk.
After many more straight whiskeys and ales the giraffe finally gives up the ghost and passes out beside the bar..
The guy feeling he's not too far behind, finishes his last whiskey and turns to leave picking up his coat.
The barman says sharply you can't leave that lyin' here .
The guy turns slightly and slurs over his shoulder it's not a lion, it's a giraffe .

I never get drunk when I drink a certain type of beer. It's because I eat salt at the same time.

It keeps me cured of my ales.

What kind of beer do Fox News analysts drink?

Roger Ales.

I always thought it was weird that my parent's medicine cabinet was also where they stored the alcohol.

i fund out later that they were just trying to cure what ales me.

Why is beer the best cure for a hangover?

Because it's good for what ales you.

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