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My husband commented on the new store that is being built nearby: That's a nice looking Aldi!

I told him it just looks like Aldi others.


Sorry y'all. It's been such a bad day, and this little exchange my hubby and I had earlier had us both laughing probably more than we should have. Hope it makes one of you out there smile too.

ALDI grocery stores have announced their new store brand peanuts.

ALDI's nuts

Been analysing my spending and it turns out rather than large purchases, most of my expenditure seems to go on the mysterious middle aisle in German supermarkets.

To put it another way: it's not the big things, it's Aldi Lidl things.

Hey baby do you shop at Aldi?

Cause you'll love Aldi's nuts.

Why did the coach go to Aldi?

To get his quarterback.

Why did the football coach go to Aldi?

To get his quarter back!

What do aldi and the nfl draft have in common?

They're both places you can get a quarterback

So have you heard about the mass immigration problem ALDI has been having?

They even got a new slogan: Do work or ALDI port ya

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