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Hi, my name is Bob, and I'm an alcoholic

Sir, this is Triple A, not Alcoholics Anonymous

I know, I'm just trying to explain why my car is in a lake.

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be good enough at skating, biking, surfing, or running to be chosen to represent a brand like Nike, Red Bull, or Under Armour. Recently the pandemic has allowed me to double down on recreation and hone my craft, and I finally got a sponsor.

Thanks Alcoholics Anonymous!

Why do Canadians call alcohol anonymous triple A?

AA, Eh

Alcoholics Anonymous joke, Why do Canadians call alcohol anonymous triple A?

Why shouldn't you join Alcoholics Anonymous on Thanksgiving?

Because all they serve is cold turkey.

alcoholic alzheimer's anonymous.

No one knows who they are, or what they're drinking.

New study shows procrastination is as harmful to mental health as alcohol abuse

To combat this, I've decided to form Procrastinators anonymous, please consider joining it!

I would go to alcoholics anonymous

But everyone already knows

Alcoholics Anonymous joke, I would go to alcoholics anonymous

I went to Alcoholics Anonymous and when I arrived...

Nobody was anonymous, they were all friends, all brothers. So we went out to celebrate.

Well I finally solved my drinking problem, I joined Alcoholics Anonymous

Yeah I still drink, I just use a different name, that's all

Why is it called Alcoholics ANONYMOUS when the first thing you do is stand up and say, ‘My name is Peter and I am an alcoholic'

Told my Canadian friend my Alcoholics Anonymous teacher gave my homework an A

"You got an AA A, eh?"

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What do Alcoholics Anonymous and circle jerks have in common?

They're both about pulling yourself together

They are going to change the name of the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) as people kept getting it mixed up with AA (automobile Association)

The new name will be The Royal alcoholics Club...the RAC!

I just finished Organic Chemistry, and I still don't understand why we named the alcohols.

I thought they were supposed to be anonymous.

After a rough night, I woke up one morning and thought I should join Alcoholics Anonymous...

I changed my mind though, because I am NOT a quitter.

Hello Alcoholics Anonymous?

I'd like to anonymously report a bunch of alcoholics getting together in my neighbor's yard.

"Sorry sir, that's not the point of the program"

Alcoholics Anonymous joke, Hello Alcoholics Anonymous?

It's better to be a worldwide alcoholic, than an Alcoholic Anonymous.

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