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29 alcoholic beverages jokes and hilarious alcoholic beverages puns to laugh out loud. Read jokes about alcoholic beverages that are clean and suitable for kids and friends.

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Best Short Alcoholic Beverages Jokes

Short alcoholic beverages puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The alcoholic beverages humour may include short alcoholic drink jokes also.

  1. I have one alcoholic beverage and they call me an alcoholic But when I have a Fanta, no one calls me fantastic.
  2. I recently got in trouble for bartering alcoholic beverages to quaint hotels. I was charged with Inn Cider trading.
  3. The estate of Charles Dickens is too make alcoholic beverages from the apples on their land The slogan is "All the girls love a Dickens Cider"
  4. I really don't have much of an opinion on alcoholic beverages during the holidays... You could say I'm pretty eggnogstic.
  5. I stole a Japanese alcoholic beverage from Pennywise. When police asked me why I did it I couldn't give them a reason - I just did it for the sake of it.
  6. Thou shouldst never accepth a can containing an alcoholic beverage from this person Shakesbeer.
  7. A weasel walks into a bar - Good evening! Would you like water, pop or an alcoholic beverage? - Asks the bartender.
    -Pop! Goes the weasel
  8. I've protected my laptop by placing several alcoholic fruity beverages on top of it. I guess I misunderstood when people told me to focus on cider security.
  9. Consuming alcoholic beverage is prohibited in my office! So I sit down with root beer on a square table sometimes.
  10. Why does Jesus and bartenders have so much in common? Bcoz they are single, have no kids, got nailed and serve alcoholic beverage.

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Alcoholic Beverages One Liners

Which alcoholic beverages one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with alcoholic beverages? I can suggest the ones about alcoholic and alcohol drink.

  1. What's Darth Maul's favourite alcoholic beverage? *Qui-Gon* Gin
  2. What's the scariest alcoholic beverage? Malibooooooo
  3. what was the ancient romans favorite alcoholic beverage? sham-pagan
  4. What is a cat's favorite alcoholic beverage? Boxed wine, obviously.
  5. What's Kurt Cobain's favorite alcoholic beverage? He likes some shots!
  6. What alcoholic beverage do cows drink? MOOOOOnshine
  7. What is Liam Gallagher's favorite type of alcoholic beverage? Moon SHE-YAI-NE.
  8. Why can the Jedi buy the alcoholic beverage? Because it is for sale

Hilarious Alcoholic Beverages Jokes to Make Your Friends Roar with Laughter

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Did you know there is a name for successively savouring every alcoholic beverage from a country?

Its called irresponsible drinking.

What is the only alcoholic beverage Muslim extremists are permitted to drink?

Smirnoff ISIS

A group of 8 year old kids mysteriously get drunk at a slumber party

A boy has 5 of his friends over for a slumber party. His friends mom buys the kids two 2 liter bottles of Root Beer and begins serving it to the kids. Before the kids get through the first bottle they begin to act drunk, and the parents begin to notice that they smell like alcohol. One of the kids then throws up and the parents confirm that the kid has thrown up an alcoholic beverage. The parents set aside the rest of the Root Beer and call the police. The police arrive and inspect the rest of the Root Beer in the bottle from which the kids were being served. They find absolutely no trace of alcohol in the Root Beer, and are at first stumped, until one of the officers notices the glasses in which the parents were serving the Root Beer. The officer then looks at the parents and says "Here's the problem right here." Both parents look at each other, baffled. The officer concludes: "You served the kids Root Beer in square glasses."

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