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  1. My psychologist keeps telling me I'm an alcoholic... I tell him no no, I have neurosis of the liver.
  2. Drink water, let's surprise the liver!
  3. Wow I read somewhere that alcohol does not kill brain cells. Not only brain cells but liver and kidneys.
  4. Doctor told me I have cirrhosis of liver ​How am I going to cure my alcohol addiction now!
  5. What's the best kind of alcohol for your liver? Nonanol.

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Alcohol Liver One Liners

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  1. Alcoholism causes memory loss, liver diesase, And memory loss.
  2. A Serious Issue Alcohol poisoning is a liver die situation.
  3. Is the life of an alcoholic worth living? Well, it depends upon the liver.
  4. What do you call an alcoholic mailman? De-livered
  5. Alcohol I would've never imagined my hands would consume more alcohol than my liver.
  6. What it the lifespan of an alcoholic? It depends on the liver.
  7. Roses are blue
    My thumb's got a sliver
    I drank far too much and I'm killing my liver.
  8. My ex was toxic and didn't like alcohol... ...I decided to liver.
  9. Everyone has a second stomach for alcohol It's called the liver
  10. Alcohol will deliver you... Literally. De-Liver you...
  11. You say alcoholism... I say liver cross fit!
  12. I'm not an alcoholic... My liver is evil and it must be destroyed.
  13. I didn't have alcohol for a week and got a text from my Liver,
  14. I drank so much I'm donating my liver to science fiction.
  15. I plan to donate my liver to an alcoholic so i'll know it's a match

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I'm 35 years old but because I'm an alcoholic who makes bad decisions, I have the liver of a 65-year-old.

I really don't know what to do, but I hope I can find a buyer with connections in the black market or else I'll have to just get rid of it before I get caught..

In an interview yesterday, Texas Governor rick perry stood by his recent comments in which he compared homosexuality to alcoholism.

Perry further explained the similarities between the two by saying, They are both things I experimented with while in college and both resulted in my liver taking a pounding.

A man went to the doctor's, concerned about his liver...

The doctor asked: "When do you typically drink?"
The man replied: "i drink when flying. Calms the nerves."
The doctor sat back. "I see. Would you describe yourself as an alcoholic? Perhaps alcohol isn't the issue after all."
The man thought for a moment, and shrugged. "No, but I *am* a frequent flyer."

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