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Two Canadians in Kentucky

So these two Canadians are driving into Louisville, Kentucky and are arguing about how to pronounce the name of the city.
Its pronounced Lou-is-vill…obviously The oilman from Alberta says
No, you see, it is French! It is pronounced Loo-ie-vee! The guy from Quebec retorts.
They stop at a Burger King for lunch while they're in town. How do you pronounce the name of this place? Say it real slow, we're having an argument we want you to settle.
The kid at the counter takes a deep breath and says… burr-gerr-king

Why is Alberta known as the Texas of Canada?

Because Canadians don't know about Arkansas.

What's the difference between Justin Trudeau and a baker?

While a dozen can go from 12 to 13, it's the other way around for the regions of Canada.

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