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Old Romanian Joke: How do you stop an Albanian Tank?

You shoot the guy pushing it.

An Albanian guy is about to rape a woman

What is the difference between an Albanian and a goat?

A goat can actually feed a family.

**What is the similarity between an Albanian and a goat?**

The smell.

Albanian joke, What is the difference between an Albanian and a goat?

An Englishman, Scottishman, Irishman, Welshman, Frenchman, Russian, Spaniard, Mexican, American, Norweigan, Swede, Albanian, Italian, Indian, Moroccan, Dutchman, Brazilian, Kenyan, Australian and Belgian walk into a bar.

The barman says; "You can't come in here without a Thai."

best jokes about Albania, from Romania:

Why the Albanian submarines resurface every 2 minutes? So the rowers can breath.

How do you destroy an Albanian tank? You shot the guy that pushes it.

Why did the Albanians lost the war? The archer was sick.

The Albanians managed to releases on market their fist computer, it's keyboard has 2 buttons: if you pres the first one nothing happens and the second one cancels the command

Come here

An Albanian guy goes for the summer to Italy. When he finally returns he won't stop bragging about all the things he did, all the places he saw, and all the things he learned.
His friend is getting annoyed with all his boasting and asks him, "How do you say 'come here' in Italian?"
"vieni qui."
"How about 'go there'?"
At this point the show-off pauses for a few seconds trying to remember.
He finally says, "I go over there and tell you 'vieni qui'."

What do Albanian kids want to be when they grow up?


Albanian joke, What do Albanian kids want to be when they grow up?

Albanians invented a new brand of a computer

The keyboard has two buttons. The first is "Test" and the second is "Cancel".

American scientists have discovered..

Albanian scientists.

You know the little burnt Albanian boy?

He's now Nigel Farage

Trolling bf

Name cat Pilli (meaning 'pussy' in Albanian). Tell boyfriend the name of the cat but not what it means.
Invite him over for dinner to meet the parents. Tell him to call for the cat.

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