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Best Short Aladdin Jokes

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  1. Aladdin Banned from Flying carpet Racing Sources say for use of Performance Enhancing Rugs
  2. Filming *Aladdin* must have been physically very hard on Will Smith. I understand that at the end of each day shooting he was black and blue.
  3. I run an amateur dramatic society. Someone approached me recently wanting to do an all dwarf version of the pantomime "Aladdin". The concept is a little wishy-washy.
  4. Actress: I want to be in the Aladdin remake. Harvey Weinstein: All you have to do is rub my lamp.
  5. The Lion King and Aladdin are in a race, who wins? You might think it's Aladdin because of his magic carpet, but it was the lion king.
    The lion king Mufasa.
  6. Flying carpet So I was walking by a council flat the other day when I saw this Arab guy shaking a carpet.
    I shouted up, "what's wrong Aladdin, won't it start?."
  7. Me: watching Aladdin, I wish I had a magic carpet Somewhere in India: a monkeys paw closes one finger...
  8. What do Joseph Stalin and Aladdin have in common? They're both one step ahead of the breadline.
  9. The song that was removed from Disney's Aladdin... "Prince Ali,
    Praise onto he,
    Ali-hu Akbar."
  10. Whoosh! Just like that, I saw Aladdin on-a-mat-appear.

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Aladdin One Liners

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  1. What was Aladdin called after he went Vegan? Saladdin.
  2. Why was Aladdin disqualified from the Rio Olympics? He was on performance-enhancing rug.
  3. Is your name Jasmine? Because you've always got Aladdin side you.
  4. Jasmine tried to attend a "Disney Prince Only" gathering She wasn't Aladdin.
  5. What kind of car would Aladdin drive? A lamborGENIE.
  6. What do you call Aladdin when he has high ping? Alaggin
  7. What did Aladdin sing when he saw Israel for the first time? A whole Jew world.
  8. Why was Aladdin never constipated? Because wherever he went, he always took Apu.
  9. Why does Aladdin travel on a magic carpet? He's on the no fly list.
  10. What's Aladdin's favorite Pokemon? A Magikarpet.
  11. What pet does Aladdin have? A magic car-pet
  12. Why was there never an Aladdin 4? Because he kept on rubbing the wrong lamp.
  13. What do you call someone in an Aladdin costume? A-lad-in a costume.
  14. A priest took a group of kids to a new Disney movie "Aladdin Me"
  15. Aladdin sings to Jasmine "I can show you the woorld..
    Except the United States"

Aladdin Genie Jokes

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  • Did you hear the one about the genie? I guess Aladdin really did set him free.
  • Did you hear that Will Smith is gonna be the genie in live action Aladdin They couldn't recast Robin William's he left the agents that called him **hanging**.

Jasmine And Aladdin Jokes

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  • What is Aladdin's favorite Pokemon? Magikarp. So he can take Jasmine to a Magikarpet Ride.
Aladdin joke, What is Aladdin's favorite Pokemon?

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So, Will Smith is playing the genie from Aladdin, well then

West Philadelphia born and raised, in a genie lamp is where I spend most of my days. Chillin out back and relaxing all cool til Aladdin showed up with little Abu then a couple of guys who were up to no good..Jafar started taking over my neighborhood. I got in one little fight and my master got scared he said if you mingle with the street rats don't come back near here.

Apparently it's inappropriate for a group of white kids to put on a play of Aladdin, as it is racially insensitive and cultural appropriation. Possibly white washing.

I wonder if we'll see more Jews in Nativity Pageants come Christmas season this year.

The community theater recently posted auditions for Aladdin and a Christmas play

On audition day, local news reporter Thi Xix Hao spotted someone crying outside the audition room.
What's wrong? he asked.
The dejected man looked up. You look familiar he said.
I am local news reporter, Thi Xix Hao. You also look familiar to me
I am Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Nickelback the man said in between sobs.
Ah said Thi Xix Hao. So what troubles you?
Never made it as a wiseman. Couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing. And, Thi Xix Hao, you remind me…

If Aladdin taught me anything about s**..., it would be... always rub one out before you go meet the girl.

Aladdin joke, Me: watching Aladdin,  I wish I had a magic carpet

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