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The Best jokes about Alabaman

An Alabaman is finding his ancestry on a website, but can't get to their site...

Getting frustrated, he calls his wife over.

Sighing, she says, "It starts with an A, not an I, bro."

How do we know the toothbrush was invented in Alabama?

If it had been invented anywhere else, it would be called a teethbrush.

What's the latest invention to come out of the UA engineering program? A solar-powered flashlight.

How can you tell if someone's a UA graduate? Look at the ring while they're picking their nose.

Why are criminals so hard to catch in Alabama? Everyone has the same DNA.

What does an Alabaman call a six-pack and a dead possum? A seven-course meal.

Since state jokes seem to be the thing today, and, well, I'm from Georgia...

Two Alabamans decide to end their romantic relationship. One says to the other,

"Let's just be siblings."

Friend Told Me An Alabama Joke

Person: Would you take a bullet for the last person you slept with?

Alabaman Dude: Sure, anything for my sister.

What did the Alabaman wife say to her husband when she found out he was cheating?

Oh, brother.

Why did the Alabaman get a vasectomy?

He wanted to stop having grandchildren.

What do all alabamans have in common?

Their last name.

Alabamans were fine with Roy Moore dating teenagers as an adult until

they found out that he wasn't dating cousins.

What's the difference between pushy people and Alabaman men?

Pushy people are insisters.
Alabaman men are in sisters.

P.s. Happy National Siblings Day!

A Joke About Alabama

Me: What do you call an Alabaman family reunion

Friend: I don't know

Me: An orgy

Did you hear about the Alabaman who won the lottery?

I hear he's rolling inbred.

What does an Alabaman and yeast have in common

They're both inbred.

Two Alabaman families walk into a bar...

Just kidding, there's only one family in Alabama.

Why do Alabamans have Halloween all year?

Because they always pump kin.

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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