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  1. Gay Marriage Licenses So, 22 counties in Alabama are refusing to issue gay marriage licenses on the grounds that they believe in the traditional marriage of a man and his sister.
  2. My friend in Alabama lost his Mom, his Sister, and his Wife in a car accident. He really loved that woman.
  3. since we live in Birmingham, I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to play home sweet Alabama on my guitar and play it for my sister. She wasn't impressed, but our kids loved it!
  4. An Alabama married couple moves to New York and gets a divorce Are they still brother and sister?
  5. Friend Told Me An Alabama Joke Person: Would you take a bullet for the last person you slept with?
    Alabaman Dude: Sure, anything for my sister.
  6. If you really like a girl and you ask her out, and she says I love you like a brother Suggest a weekend in Alabama.
    Unless you are from Alabama, in which case she is your sister.
  7. Did you see the Alabama football player who proposed after he won the national championship last night? His sister started crying and could barely give him a clear answer
  8. A girl once told me that I was like a brother to her... So I told her that she was like a sister to me, if she was from Alabama.
  9. Marriage If a couple gets married in Alabama... And divorced in Mississippi... Are they still brother and sister?
  10. The Indian pledge starts as "All Indians are my brothers and sisters." Funny how India and Alabama have so much in common.

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  1. What pickup line do guys use to get girls in Alabama? You're like a sister to me.
  2. How do you give a person from Alabama a circumcision? You kick his sister in the jaw
  3. How do you circumsize an Alabama man? Kick his sister in the chin.
  4. How do you circumcise someone from Alabama? You kick his sister in the chin.
  5. I played sweet home alabama to my sister Nothing happened, but our kids liked it
  6. How do you circumcise a jew from Alabama? Tell his sister to bite down.
  7. There is a brother and a sister The only thing is that they both live in Alabama
  8. How do you circumcise a guy from alabama? By k**... his sister in the jaw

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What do your friends say when you get rejected by your sister from Alabama?

d**... bro you got chromo-zoned.

I met a happy gay couple while passing through Mobile, AL

I asked if it was hard being gay here because I heard these jokes about how backwards Alabama is. They laughed and said it was a fair question, but all of their friends were really cool with it. I thought this was great news, so I asked how their families felt about it. I was shocked when they said everyone but their sister was also really supportive.

Why are there so many o**... at monasteries in Alabama?

Because the monks and nuns are all Brothers and Sisters.

I met a brother and sister from Alabama the other day. I swear, if they were any more i**......

They would be a sandwich.

I tried to date this girl from Alabama, but her whole family was way too racist.

Her sister, her aunt, her brother, her uncle, and her mom and dad.
All four of them are just nuts.

What's the difference between Alabama and Mississippi?

In Alabama you have s**... with your sister. In Mississippi you have s**... with your fat sister.... Thought of it this morning and felt like sharing. Cheers

There once was a man from Alabama . . .

He was a nice fellow. An unsophisticated h**... type but amicable to be around nonetheless. He was known as Catfish Jeb around the bayou because of that one time a catfish bit him in the . . .
Well, where the catfish bit him isn't important, now is it?
One day, very tragically, Catfish Jeb's wife and sister died. A terrible hunting accident where he was mistaken and thought he was shooting at a deer. Beyond distraught, Catfish Jeb hurried home to his cabin and called up his church's preacher, Bill.
Bill answered his phone right away, greeting happily in that churchy way. Despite the cheeriness, Catfish Jeb was in tears as he told the preacher what happened. "Ma wife and sis'ta are ded, Billy," he blubbered.
Bill was a little miffed; he hated being called Billy. But with the light of God always shining down upon him, he forgave Catfish Jeb the instant the misname left his lips. "I am terrible sorry to hear that, Jeb," the preacher consoled.
On the phone, Bill and Catfish Jeb arranged a f**... for the bumpkin's wife and sister to be held at the church. It was to take place that Sunday, right before the bake sale. They planned the flowers, the music. Bill agreed to have someone make pamphlets on the grieving r**...'s behalf.
"One last thing, Joe," Bill said, pen poised in hand.
Catfish Jeb wiped at his eyes. "Yessa, preacher-man sir?" he simpered.
The preacher man pursed his lips. "Will you be needing one coffin, of two?"