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I still remember the last thing my dad said to me before dying in the 9/11 attacks...

Allahu Akbar!

I had a phone conversation with my husband while he was on one of the 9/11 planes. I can still remember his last words...

Allahu akbar!

What is that number 1 song coming out of the middle east?

My black flag brings all the goats to the yard,

and they're like like "allahu akbar",

watch out, I'll put a bomb in your car,

I'd teach you, but I lost my arms

What did the Hawaiian Jihadist say?

Aloha Akbar.

jokes about akbar

My father died on 9/11, I will never forget his last words

Allahu Akbar.

[Do keep in mind that this is not my joke, I just want to spread laughs]

What did the turkey say to the goat?

The turkey said gobble, gobble, gobble.
The goat said back abdul akbar before blowing up.

What does the Hawaiian Jihadist say before exploding?

Aloha Akbar

Akbar joke, What does the Hawaiian Jihadist say before exploding?

A islamic dial ripoff made a new type of hand soap.

Aloe Akbar.

We've been misinterpreting the Islamic Extremists...

Allahu Akbar *actually* means **"YOLO"**

Hey teacher, i made a clock!

"Did you say Allahu Akbar?"

A jew walks into a bar...

Little did he know it was an Allahu Akbar.

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What did the ghost say during its planned act of terrorism?

Allaboo Akbar.

How do you get Akbar to shut up?


What screams "Allah Akbar" and then smashes your crockery to pieces?

A Daesh washer.

What is a terrorists favorite snack?

An Allah Ak-bar

What was the last thing the Australian terrorist said.


Akbar joke, What was the last thing the Australian terrorist said.

A few days ago i saw an amazing magician...

When he opened his jacket and screamed Allahu Akbar he disappeared along with 30 others.

I'm surprisingly calm about Internet spoiling Star Wars to me. Who could believe Kylo Ren is actually vegetarian and grandson of General Akbar

What did the Muslim on a surfboard say?

Aloha Akbar!

What is the most death-defying magician incantation?


What does a Muslim with allergies say?

Al-achoo Akbar.

What's the name of the Iraqi basketball team?

Alley-oop Akbar

How do Hawaiian Muslims greet each other?

"Aloha Akbar!"

"Mommy, why is my backpack so heavy?"

Allahu Akbar, honey.

What does a baritone jihadist sing?

A low Akbar.

9/11 jokes aren't funny...

My dad died on 9/11. I still remember his last words "ALLAHU AKBAR".

Akbar joke, 9/11 jokes aren't funny...

What's the opposite of a gay bar?

An allahu akbar.

All my life I have tried to live by my father's last words...

Allahu Akbar!

What's the most dangerous bar to go to in the middle east?

The allahu ak-bar

How do you say hi to a Muslim in Hawaii?

Aloha Akbar.

What's the most popular pub in the Middle East?

The Allahu ak-Bar

I heard...

...terrorists are shouting "allahu akbar!" just out of habit while plugging their Samsung phones.

My name is Jafar

My name is Jafar

I come from afar

There is Note 7 in my car

Allahu Akbar

I have a Muslim friend with a Note 7...

It only gets awkward when he shouts "Allahu Akbar" when plugging it in.

What starts with an A and has a boom at the end?

Allahu akbar

Hawaiian terrorists be like...

Aloha Akbar

A muslim walks into a bar.

The Allahu Ak-bar.

What does a hawaiian terrorist say?

Aloha Akbar

An Omegle conversation

Me: My dad died on this day in 2001, he called me to say 2 words before dying.
Stranger: Ohh, that's so sweet! What were his words?
Me: Allahu Akbar

Where does ISIS eat?

At the Allah u can eat salad Akbar.

Is Allahu Akbar a good pickup line?

From what I hear, it's always getting guys blown.

A magician says to his audience...

A magician says to his audience "I can make myself appear in 100 different places in this room". He says "3, 2, 1, Abracadabra!" Nothing happens so he tries once again, "3, 2, 1, Abracadabra!" Still nothing happens. Flustered he asks to be excused while he checks his handbook. He closes the book and says " Sorry, I've been saying the wrong magic word, 3, 2, 1, Allahu Akbar!" Needless to say his audience was blown away.

Please stop making 9/11 jokes... my father died on that day.

I still remember his last words: "Allahu Akbar"

I'm glad that Saudi Arabia didn't score any goal in football match against Russia few hours back

If not, their supporters would have yelled Allahu Akbar and the game would be stopped halfway.

What came before the Big Bang?

"Allahu Akbar!"

Dark Backpack Joke

Son asking his mom: Why is my Backpack so heavy mom?

Mom: Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar my son.

Where do suicide bombers go to have some drinks?

Allahu ak-Bar

What did the popcorn blurted out when it saw the microwave?

Allahu Akbar!

Why "Allah" is the true God

The universe started with an explosion

Allau Akbar

Why did Black Panther say when he converted to Islam?

T'Challahu Akbar

Why didn't Akbar know magic ?

Because he was a Muggle Emperor

My name is Jafar(edgy)

My name is Jafar

I come from afar

I have a bomb in my car

Allah akbar

Name your kid Allah Akbar

Then lose him in the mall

What does a terrorist from Hawaii say before exploding?

Aloha Akbar.

Knock Knock ?

B: Who's there ?

A: Ella

B: Ella who ?

A: Akbar

\*explodes \*

Not for you

A Christian Armenian man walking by the border of Armenia and Iran sees a few Iranian men pushing a car stuck in a ditch. Every time the Iranian men push they yell allah akbar! 1.. 2... 3... Allah akbarrr! As the Armenian man joins in pushing the car, the Iranians are surprised to hear the Christian man also yell allah akbar. One Iranian man says allah is our god not yours, why do you call on his name? The Armenian man replies "I'm not going to work my god for your ass"

Where do jihadists go to drink?


What did the Hawaiian Jihadist say to encourage himself?

Aloha Akbar!

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