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A priest dies and goes to the gates of Heaven

The priest approaches the bouncer aka St. Peter.

After perusing the list, Peter can't find the priest's name, and tells him to go downstairs to the waiting room until further notice.

Meanwhile, a taxi driver who died at the same time approached the gates.

St. Peter welcomes him with open arms and lets him straight into Heaven.

The priest is dumbfounded. I've preached to thousands of people throughout my life! I've baptized children and converted many to the church! I've lived a holy life!

St. Peter shakes his head and responds:
When you preached, people slept...

When he drove, people prayed.

What's the German word for Vaseline aka petroleum jelly?


Celebrating Good Friday by honoring Jesus

aka doing the same thing he did today and hanging with my Bros.

I need your hilarious minds.

Help me come up with a funny thing to dress up as for a party that's themed be my date on this date . AKA, dress up as a day of the year or holiday. Fave idea so far is going as a box for boxing day.

A woman was seated next to President Coolidge (aka silent Cal ) at a dinner party.

I bet my friend that I would be able to get more than two words out of you tonight, she said.

You lose, he replied.

A pop star who summons ghosts, AKA...


The Bermuda Triangle A.K.A....

Clinton's Inbox

Endless shrimp. a.k.a sir we close at 10:30, you have to leave now

Im going back in the morning and ask to continue

Dustin Diamond aka 'Screech' arrested for bar stabbing...

Will he be, '"Saved by the Bail"?


aka female private investigator


A.K.A. flockchain

Partial Acronyms, aka Partial A's

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