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What'd the difference between Net Neutrality and Ajit Pai?

Net Neutrality would be missed if it died.

Ajit Pai walks out of a bar..

With no drinks. He ordered a lesser known brand of vine.

What is the most Un-American kind of pie?


Ajit Pai sounds like..

Khajit, he only wants coin

What Ajit Pai and his Allergist wife have in common?

They all make livings on non-neutral systems.

Why can't Ajit Pai be buried at sea?

There are laws against dumping human garbage in an ocean

What do you call a gross dessert?

Ajit Pai

Ajit joke, What do you call a gross dessert?

It Ajit-tates me that he wants us all to Pai more for our internet.

Ajit Pai's first-threesome...

Have you heard about the guy who wants to repeal net neutrality?

What a piece Ajit.

I don't understand all the hate for Ajit Pai. He's just doing his job.

If he didn't, Verizon would probably fire him.

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What do you call a corrupt politician?

Ajit V. Pai

What do you call a pie that's full of horseshit?

Ajit Pai

Did anyone else get charged for their dessert at Thanksgiving??

It's my fault really. I shouldn't have had a slice of the Ajit Pai.

What did Ajit Pai have for dessert on Thanksgiving?

Ashit Pie.

I'm the FCC chairman and the man hoping to abolish net neutrality. I am Ajit Pai, AMA

Ajit joke, I'm the FCC chairman and the man hoping to abolish net neutrality. I am Ajit Pai, AMA

What does Ajit Pai and A Sh*t Pie have in common?

Ajit Pai is travelling on a plane

Why did the internet throw the pie away?

Because it was Ajit Pai.

To play devil's advocate on this whole Net Neutrality thing...

He's sure looking forward to meeting Ajit Pai

Don't hate Ajit Pai...

... he just wants to give us a sense of pride and accomplishment with our internet bill

Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, and Ajit Pai walks into a bar ...

Later, a man walks up to the bottomless sinkhole, looks down, and asks Why's the bar so low?

Ajit Pai can't be the most hated person on the internet.....

if there is no internet **taps head**

Guys, why all the hate for Ajit Pai? He just made a mistake.

You can't blame him. Making mistakes runs in the family.

Just remember Americans, if Ajit Pai wins tomorrow...

At least he will feel pride and accomplishment.

How do you know Ajit Pai is lying?

If his mouth is open.

Ajit joke, How do you know Ajit Pai is lying?

"If I can't get a online date, no one can."

— Ajit Pai

Say what you will about Ajit Pai, but he helped me with one thing...

Understanding the phrase "lying through your teeth".

This here's the story of Ajit Pai...

What is the difference between Ajit Pai and Hitler?

Hitler was doing what he thought was best for his country.

I couldn't help but notice...

On a standard keyboard, the A key is right next to the S key. The J key is right next to the H key. Ajit. I'll let you think about it.

Why did Ajit Pai cross the road?

Because Verizon payroll services was on the opposite side.

Ajit Pai is the kind of Indian you don't call to fix your computer.

If anyone ever kidnapped Ajit Pai, they'd be lucky enough to say...

Every time Ajit Pai laughs

I keep hearing people say Ajit Pai is the most hated person on the internet.

What did the doctor say to the people in the room when Ajit Pai's mom was giving birth?

When Ajit Pai was a kid, his parents always let him walk alone to wherever he wants to go.

What's orange and red and looks good on Ajit Patel?

9 out of 10 dentists who have cleaned Ajit Pai's teeth recommend....

Ajit Pai gets a lot of hate but he's not all bad...

In fact, I can honestly say that the scene with Ajit Pai in The Help was my favourite bit of the whole movie.

Ajit Pai was told he would never have sex

I found out what Ajit Pai's real name is....

Isn't it ironic when you say Ajit out loud

Ajit Pai, an american and a french are in a boat

Ajit Pai has resigned from the FCC to take a new role with a better monthly salary and a better corporate fit.

What do you call Ajit Pai when he stands up?

Why does Ajit Pai bring Harvey Weinstein to parties?

I know what Ajit Pai is trying to do!!

If Ajit Pai would be pastry, he would be...

How did Ajit Pai cross the road?

What do you call people who hates Ajit Pai?

Ajit Pai made inquiries concerning how a government shutdown might affect him

Ajit Pai made inquiries about how a government shutdown could affect him

but Verizon assures him he'll still get paid

Ajit Patel finally makes it to college...

The FBI is now investigating Net Neutrality comments

Pai Pai you piece Ajit

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