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British Airways. Breakfast in London. Dinner in New York.

Luggage in Tokyo.

Tried to sue British Airways because they lost my luggage.

Turns out I didn't have a case.

British Airways bags the best in-flight service award!

On a long haul UK flight, a mother took her young son to the toilet and told him she would come back for him, in five minutes.

However, he was finished in two minutes so he left the toilet and wandered off down the aisle, in the opposite direction from where his mother was.

Meanwhile, a businessman entered the toilet and locked the door.

After the five minutes were up, the mother knocked on the door and called out, "Do you need any help with the zipper?"

From behind the door, a startled male voice said, "Good God!!! That's what I call service!…."

Taliban Airways

We make sure your flight is a blast.

I can afford to hire a private jet but I prefer to fly British Airways.

It keeps me grounded.

How does an english airplane breathe?

Through its british airways, of course

The Pope is flying to Ireland tomorrow for a papal visit.

Do you think he will use virgin airways?
Like the clergy?

Do you ever wonder what happens to your luggage once you checked it in?

So does British Airways.

160 Destinations, Over 90 Countries Worldwide.

Could be in any one of them.

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