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From Memphis Belle

A British fighter pilot was shot down over German occupied airspace and was captured by the Nazis on the ground. He was beaten up pretty bad in the dogfight and parachute landing, and they had to amputate his leg, so he begged them "Please, if you have to take my leg, can you drop it over my base the next time you send a bombing mission?"

The Nazis figured there was no harm in it and the leg was dropped in the next raid.

A week later, his other leg succumbed to his injuries and had to be amputated, and again, he asked his captors to drop in over the base on the next raid, and again they obliged.

The next week his arm succumbed to injuries and it was amputated. Again, he asked the German guards to have it dropped over his base on the next raid. The German barked at him "Nein!"

The pilot asked, "Why not? You've done it before!"

"We think you are trying to escape!"

Why did the rookie technician allow a German zeppelin to fly over Allied airspace?

It was just a blimp on the radar.

Love knows no boundaries

Thats why Israel shot it down when it entered their airspace

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