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Why do cow farms stink?

They're full of dairy airs.

Wh did people in the NBA think Michael Jordan was conceited?

Because he was always putting on Airs.

what's the airspeed of an unladen swallow

I am not sure but unladen swallow seems to be a bit of a contradiction

Recent Studies show over 80% of people privately admit to peeing in the shower.

But everyone puts on airs and pretends to be disgusted when I publicly admit to doing it in the bathtub.

I used to be a breatharian...

But then I saw the airs of my ways.

Why did the Eunuch lose his job as a HVAC technician?

Because he couldn't produce airs.

Putin, in an attempt to connect with the 'little people,' started to wear Nikes...

But the people still thought he was Putin on Airs.

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