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If you pass your AirPods to your kid...

Do they become HeirPods?

I bought my nephew a pair of airpods for his birthday.

The kid was so ungrateful, he didn't even say thank you. He just started throwing up gang signs at me.

I think he's fallen into a bad crowd ever since he went deaf.

I always hang out with my imaginary friend.

People used to think I'm crazy talking to myself in public.

But everything is fine now; I wear airpods.

Apple literally named their company after an Apple 🍎

But then expect you to PEAR your Airpods? 🍐

Aaron is in geometry class. His teacher is yelling at him because he's wearing AirPods while the teacher is talking. In the middle of his rant, Aaron says You're such a square!

The teacher says prove it .

What did Beethoven say when it was discovered that he was not actually deaf, and just wearing airpods?

"It smells like baroque in here."

Be careful picking up strange AirPods off the street

You might get hearing AIDS

Airpods joke, Be careful picking up strange AirPods off the street

What is 24 hours...

The time it takes you to lose one of your airpods...

Airpods are linked to causing AIDS

Multiple reports verified hearing AIDS among test subjects. I'll see myself out.

Apple Airpods

A $159 game of hide and seek.

Did you know they're giving out free AirPods in all Apple stores

If you go in with a gun and a mask

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My Apple AirPods stayed in position whilst I was going 25 miles downhill on a pushbike

Thank goodness I left them by the computer desk.

I heard that Apple's AirPods don't fit Tim Cook's ears!

He lost them on day 1.

Why did the iPhone 7 cross the road?

To buy another pair of AirPods.

I Love How Music Sounds on Apple Airpods

From ten feet away on my uptown 4 train.

I've brought my first set of iPhone AirPods

But no one gives a jack

Airpods joke, I've brought my first set of iPhone AirPods

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