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  1. Asiana Airlines will be filing a lawsuit against KTVU for its inappropriate and racist names that were falsely broadcasted mid day Friday 7/12... ....said Asiana's attorney Wi Su Yu
  2. Airline stewardess: Would you like some headphones? Passenger: Yes, of course I would! How did you know my name was phones?
  3. I seem to keep forgetting the name of the airline that does direct flights from America to Indonesia. I think its Amnesia.
  4. I had a bad airline experience the other day... I don't want to name names, but let's just say me and my luggage were not... "united".
  5. So United Airlines just bought the naming rights to the NFL stadium in LA... Immediately a delay was announced, no word on the first beating and dragging through the aisles...

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  1. Delta Airlines is changing their name To Omicron
  2. United Airlines new name... Uninvited Airlines
  3. Is your name Malaysian Airlines? Cause baby, i'm lost in you.
  4. What's another name for the Battle Bus v**... Airlines
  5. A nun decided to start her own airline company. She named it v**... Airlines.

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Air Postal Service

A man sets down three pieces of luggage at a very famous **International Airlines** (*that shall not be named*) check-in counter and says, "I want the brown bag to go to London, the black one to go to Paris," he said. "And keep the third bag here till my return from Australia next week for pick up."
The check-in clerk blinked. A supervisor standing behind him overheard the request and came up. "I am sorry sir, but we are not the **post office**," he said, "we can't do that."
"Why not?" the irate passenger said, raising his voice, "That's what you did the last time!"