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Nerd joke

A photon walks up to an airline counter to buy a ticket and the clerk asks "any baggage to check?" The photon replies "No, I'm traveling light."

A man is at the airport. The airline attendant asks the man, "Do you have any baggage?"

He replies, "I haven't talked to my parents in 3 years, I have depression, and I'm still a v**...."

What is empty and spins round and round?

A Malaysian Airlines baggage claim.

A Photon checks in at an airline front counter. Agent says...

Sir, do you have any checked baggage?'
Photon replies, 'No, I'm travelling light.'

Airline Prices

Airline prices are getting out of control, soon they will start charging for emotional baggage. "Where did he touch you as a kid? that will be an extra $50."

The airline lost my prosthetic leg

To make matters worse, a baggage handler dropped a heavy suitcase on my foot... I wanted to sue the airline, but my lawyer said I didnt have a leg to stand on.

It was the standard series of check-in questions that every traveler gets at the airlines counter, including, "Has anyone put anything in your baggage without your knowledge?"
"If it was put there without my knowledge," I asked, "how would I know?"
The agent behind the counter smiled smugly. "That's why we ask."

I believe every therapist deserves full flight benefits with any airline.

They carry so much baggage.

A man took an airline company to court after losing his baggage

He lost the case

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