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What do you call the Mexican airforce?

Twenty Juan Pilots

My grandfather destroyed over a hundred German planes during WW2

He was the worst mechanic in the German Airforce.

Why was the russian airforce less superior than their enemies?

Cause their airplanes kept STALIN!!

(Ill see myself out...)

Moses Meets Dubya

George W. Bush was getting off of Airforce One in Israel, when he walked passed Moses, who didn't seem to notice him. He turned to Moses and said, "I am George W. Bush, the President of the USA, the most powerful nation on earth. Why didn't you greet me?"

Moses replied, "The last time I spoke to a bush, we starved for 40 years!"

What plane does the Mexican President fly in?

AirForce Juan

If trans people are prone to commit suicide and they join the air-force...

Why did the Airforce Pilot go to jail?

Because he rides an F15.

Why do female pornstars never take up a second careers flying helicopters in the airforce?

They get them up fine, but they have no experience getting a black hawk down.

Mitt Romney was in my dream last night...

Real dream. We were at the airport, and as we boarded the plane I turned to him and said "Aww, c'mon man, you named your plane Airforce 1%?"

"So, you're telling me you're in the army yet you don't know how to swim?"

"You're in the air-force, do you know how to fly?"

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