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I hear they're airing the next episode of House of Cards on CBS, 6:30PM eastern.

Might be able to catch it on NBC or ABC at the same time too.

The original CBS Survivor series was filmed in Chuck's mansion.

No episode aired, as no one survived.

s**... people jokes

A s**... student was copying whatever the teacher writes on the black board, but every time the teacher clears the blackboard he throws away the paper.
2 s**... men were speaking to each other one said 'i am freezing from the air conditioner'' the other replied " i am jack, from Florida''.
A s**... called the airlines to ask how long a flight to China would take, the customer service said '' 1 second'', he said thanks and hanged the phone.
2 stoners were listening to the 9:00 oo'clock news, one asked '' why is this news talking so long'' the other replied ''maybe it's the final episode''

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