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Have you seen that old Nick Cage movie about United Airlines?

Con Air.

Most successful personal ad in the UK ever

Old, fat, bald, poor man seeks woman. HAVE AIR CON
Turns out there are hundreds of woman in my area who want to meet me right now!

Did you know NBC once considered a diet & fitness show based on people such as Air Force Amy, Mary Magdalene, Heidi Fleiss, Charles Ponzi, Berni Madoff, and Donald Trump?

The pilot was cancelled because they didn't want to weigh the pros and the cons.

Did you hear that the star of Con Air was arrested and put in a jail cell filled with pennies, dimes, and quarters?

It was a nickel-less cage.

What brand of hairdryer does Nicholas Cage use?


Why was the criminal so cold?

He was an air-con

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