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So two whales are swimming along...

... when they spot a whaling ship. The first whale, in shock, says, "Hey! That's that ship that attacked our pod last year. We should sink it. We'll dive deep under the boat and blow bubbles up. The bubbles will capsize the boat and they'll sink!"
The second whale agrees and they begin their attack on the unsuspecting boat. The two whales take enormous breaths and dive deep under the boat. They blow all the air out their blowholes and the bubbles race toward the surface. When the two whales come up they see the boat is capsized and sinking and several sailors are in the water.
"Oh man!" says the first whale. "We got 'em. Look, they're all swimming in the water. Now we can eat them!"
The second whale, taken aback, then says, "Sorry man, I'll help with the b**..., but I won't s**... s**...."

How do you call s**... that has air bubbles in it?


What do you call five blondes in a pool?

Air bubbles.

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