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Cornhole is the game

Cause Bubba aint allowed to throw horseshoes no more.

Near-beer is like going down on your sister..

It may taste the same, but it aint right.

Dog at the bar

A man's sitting next to a dog at the bar
Woman walks in, "Is your dog friendly? I'm a dog lover, can I pet him?"
Man replies "sure"
Dog proceeds to bite woman
Irate woman to the man, "I thought you said your dog was friendly! "
Man replies, "That aint my dog"

Paint it green

A young man shows up for a job at a large house and knocks on the front door. The owner opens the door and gives the young man a gallon of green paint and a brush and tells him to go out back and paint the "porch green." After a few hours the young man comes back and knocks on the front door. The owner opens the door and the young man says, "Sir, I'm done paintin', but that aint no porch you got out back, it's a Ferrari."

I need Jesus in my life

This lawn aint gonna cut itself

You guys ever listened to the music of Yellvis?


i got 99 lighters

but a bic aint one

Aint joke, i got 99 lighters

The best late artist of the late 20th century yelvis.


I'm gonna be celebrating MLK the only way I know how...

By napping, because you can't have a dream if you aint sleeping.

Why cant Mexicans smoke joints?

They aint ever got any papers

6 and 7 are hanging out.

6 says "you wanna grab a drink?" 7 says, "Nah, I aint ate yet."

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Scandanavian Booty Call

What did the Norse goddess say to Thor when he drunk dialed her?

"I aint no Valhalla back girl."

Some people dont like meatloaf...

But if you listen to his songs, 2 out of 3 aint bad.

Why do you never see a black people on a cruise?

They aint falling for that one again.

Meatloaf was right, with North-South Korea ending their war, ABBA releasing a new single, and Trump reigning as president...

two out of three aint bad!

A Mexican boy was in class

When the teacher said, "ok class, turn in your essay. "
The Mexican boy Responded.
"Nah, fam, I aint no snitch. "

Aint joke, A Mexican boy was in class

I've been going to the gym everyday, but not losing weight. I think the machine is not working well..

Apparently hitting 50 reps at the vending machine aint gonna help.

This is a test of the National Wireless Emergency System.


My doc prescibed me an RX for my poison ivy and oak allergies.

I got 99 problems but an itch aint one.

Vermont farmer

A texas cattle rancher came to visit a Vermont dairy farm. He gets a tour of the 10 acre farm, and says to the Vermont farmer "This farm aint nothin, my ranch back in texas is so big, it would take us 3 days just to drive my truck around the whole property". The Vermont farmer responds "yup I had a truck like that once"

Why do some coffins have pillows? They aint gonna wake up with a sore neck

Thats like thinking about what college you want your unvaccinated kid to go to

Chivalry Is Dead

I didn't hold the door open for a girl and she said "Chivalry is dead." So I challenged her to a duel.

Chivalry aint dead but she is.

the government is saying if you survived covid-19 they want your plasma

aint nobody finna take my TV

The earth aint flat

But it could be if yo momma fell over

A man and a woman debate whether it is more painful to give birth or to be kicked in the balls

The man argues: Many women after one or two years say 'Honey, do you want to have another child?' but I aint seeing no man saying 'Huh, I fancy getting kicked in the balls again'

what do you call a dog with no legs?

doesn't matter what you call it, it aint coming

Aint joke, what do you call a dog with no legs?

Two rednecks went out duck hunting

After several hours one said to the other "Hey man; this sucks! How come we aint gettin' any ducks?"

And the second said "I 'unno man, maybe we aint throwin' the dog high enough!"

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