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The president is walking out of the White House towards his limo, when a possible assassin steps forward and aims his gun.

A Secret Service agent, new on the job, shouts Mickey Mouse! This startles the would be assassin and he is captured. Later, the Secret Service agent's supervisor asks him, Why the hell did you shout Mickey Mouse?

Blushing, the agent replies, I got nervous. I meant to shout...... Donald, duck!

A physicist, a biologist and a statistician go hunting.

They are hiding together in the bushes and they see a deer 70ft ahead of them. The physicist makes some calculations, aims and fires at the deer. His shot ends up 5ft to the left of the deer. The biologist analyzes the deer's movement, aims and fires. His shot ends up 5ft to the right of the deer. The statistician drops his rifle and happily shouts, "WE GOT IT!!"

Three statisticians go out hunting together...

After a while they spot a solitary rabbit. The first statistician takes aim and ends up shooting too far to the left of the rabbit. The second aims, misses, and shoots too far to the right. The third shouts out "We got him!"

Aims joke, Three statisticians go out hunting together...

A blonde walks in to find her boyfriend cheating on her....

* Blonde: Why?!
* Boyfriend: I CAN EXPLAIN!
* Blonde: (Pulls out gun and aims it at her own head)
* Boyfriend: No honey don't do it!
* Blonde: SHUT UP, You're next

what's the difference between a normal consumer and a prostitute?

A normal consumer aims to get the most bang for their buck. A prostitute aims to get the most buck for their bang.

Homer Simpson takes his yellow, spiky-haired son to a bar. The bartender pulls up a shotgun and aims it at the boy.

I regret saying this, but the bartender lives up to his name.

What's the difference between Feminism and Islam

One is a woman led group that aims to beat the patriarchy.

The other is a patriarchy that aims to beat women.

Aims joke, What's the difference between Feminism and Islam

Aims at the heels, but hits the nose. What is it?

A fart.

Why do I support extreme racist political parties?

Because their aims are white up my street

The Stat Hunters

Two statisticians are out hunting. They see a bird sitting on a tree branch someways out. "Go ahead, take first crack at it!" says the first statistician. The second statistician shoots 7 inches too high. The first statistician then aims, and quickly shoots 7 inches too low. The two men look at each other, then simultaneously high five and say "Nice shot!"

I was there for her first drawing - happy old lady

*camera zooms out onto little girl drawing on wall*
And I'll be there for her last
*lady slowly aims gun at little girl*

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I hate it when my grandpa pees in the shower.

He always aims for my face.

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