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Short aims jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The aims humour may include short aimed jokes also.

  1. I want to make a school shooting joke, but that might seem offensive. I think I should aim for a younger crowd.
  2. (Possibly offensive joke?) Not a single adult gets my school shooter jokes. I guess they're aimed at kids.
  3. This morning I was aiming my pee at the side of the bowl so it wouldn't make as much noise, and my wife gets mad at me She's way too overprotective of her cereal
  4. There is a sign at the bar that says no glasses in the bathroom That's really going to mess up my aim...
  5. I'll never forget what my dad told me right before he died.. "Son, be careful where you're aiming that"
  6. Why do snipers always close one eye when they aim? Because they can't aim if they close two.
  7. So I told my dad a joke about Sandy Hook the other day. He didn't think it was funny I guess it's aimed at a younger audience.
  8. My brother didnt like the school shooting jokes I was making I think I should aim for a younger audience.
  9. Today I launched a book aimed at 9-12 year olds... And I'm proud to say that I managed to hit one of the little brats!
  10. If you think the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.... Then you're aiming too high

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Aims One Liners

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  1. I never understood school shooting jokes I guess they're aimed at a younger audience...
  2. I never get school shooting jokes. Maybe they're aimed at a younger audience.
  3. I never get any of the school shooting jokes they must be aimed at a younger audience
  4. I never got school shooter jokes Guess they're aimed at a younger audience.
  5. My ex wife still misses me BUT HER AIM IS GETTING BETTER
  6. If you miss your ex Steady aim, control breathing, and fire again
  7. Why do hunters close one eye when they aim? Because they can't see if they close both.
  8. What's the aim of a Jewish football match? Getting the quarterback.
  9. I'm quite bad at archery But I aim to improve
  10. My ex-wife still misses me. But her aim is steadily improving.
  11. I usually dont get school shooting jokes. Typically they are aimed at a younger audience.
  12. I launched a book aimed for 9-12 year olds And I'm proud to say I hit one of them
  13. By all means shoot for the stars Just aim for their bodyguards first
  14. How do you kill a circus? Aim for the juggler.
  15. What do you call a greek goddess with no aim? Artemiss

Aims joke, What do you call a greek goddess with no aim?

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A physicist, a biologist and a statistician go hunting.

They are hiding together in the bushes and they see a deer 70ft ahead of them. The physicist makes some calculations, aims and fires at the deer. His shot ends up 5ft to the left of the deer. The biologist analyzes the deer's movement, aims and fires. His shot ends up 5ft to the right of the deer. The statistician drops his rifle and happily shouts, "WE GOT IT!!"

Three statisticians go out hunting together...

After a while they spot a solitary rabbit. The first statistician takes aim and ends up shooting too far to the left of the rabbit. The second aims, misses, and shoots too far to the right. The third shouts out "We got him!"

A blonde walks in to find her boyfriend cheating on her....

* Blonde: Why?!
* Boyfriend: I CAN EXPLAIN!
* Blonde: (Pulls out gun and aims it at her own head)
* Boyfriend: No honey don't do it!
* Blonde: SHUT UP, You're next

what's the difference between a normal consumer and a p**...?

A normal consumer aims to get the most bang for their buck. A p**... aims to get the most buck for their bang.

Homer Simpson takes his yellow, spiky-haired son to a bar. The bartender pulls up a shotgun and aims it at the boy.

I regret saying this, but the bartender lives up to his name.

A Physicist, and Engineer, and a Statistician...

are attempting to fire a cannon at a target 100 meters away. The physicist takes the lead, and performs numerous calculations to determine the cannonball's trajectory. He carefully aims the cannon and fires, coming short by 10 meters. The engineer, accounting for real world tolerances and imperfections, then performs his own calculations. After carefully aiming the cannon and firing, he overshoots by 10 meters.
The statistician then begins shouting with glee that they hit the target.

Gru and Putin resemble each other and both are despicable but how are they different?

One is aimed at children and the other aims at children.

For all you economics enthusiasts

Three economists go hunting and come across a deer.
The first economist aims and fires but the bullets misses and goes a little to the left.
The second economist aims and fires but the bullet misses and goes a little to the right.
The third economist starts celebrating and exclaims yahoo!!! We got it!!!

What's the difference between Feminism and Islam

One is a woman led group that aims to beat the patriarchy.
The other is a patriarchy that aims to beat women.

Aims at the heels, but hits the nose. What is it?

A f**....

Why do I support extreme racist political parties?

Because their aims are white up my street

The Stat Hunters

Two statisticians are out hunting. They see a bird sitting on a tree branch someways out. "Go ahead, take first crack at it!" says the first statistician. The second statistician shoots 7 inches too high. The first statistician then aims, and quickly shoots 7 inches too low. The two men look at each other, then simultaneously high five and say "Nice shot!"

I was there for her first drawing - happy old lady

*camera zooms out onto little girl drawing on wall*
And I'll be there for her last
*lady slowly aims gun at little girl*

Aims joke,  I was there for her first drawing  - happy old lady