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I never understood school shooting jokes

I guess they're aimed at a younger audience...


A Truck Driver's Duty

A truck driver was heading down the highway when he saw a priest at the side of the road. Feeling it was his duty, he stopped to give the priest a ride. A short time later, he saw a lawyer with a briefcase on the side of the road and aimed his truck at him.

At the last second, he thought of the priest with him and realized he couldn't run over the lawyer, so he swerved, but he heard a thump anyway. Looking back as he drove on, he didn't see anything.

He began to apologize for his behavior to the priest. "I'm sorry, Father. I barely missed that lawyer at the side of the road."

But the priest said, "Don't worry, son. I got him with my door."


I don't get school shooting jokes

They must be aimed at a younger audience


What do you call a childrens book aimed at synaesthetes?

Horton hears a hue.


Amateur Hunters

Three guys are stuck in the forest, each with a hunting rifle and some ammo. One goes out and comes back with a rabbit. He says he just followed some tracks, aimed, and shot. The second goes out, comes back with a deer, says the same thing.

Finally, the third guy goes out, and comes back all bloody, without arms or legs. When asked what happened, he said he found some tracks, aimed, and shot, but the train just kept coming.


New clothing store seen at local Mall named 'Off Topic'.

Apparently it's aimed at edgy teens with ADHD.


Superman is flying over the city, looking for a crime to fight...

when all of a sudden, he sees Wonder Woman lying on a rooftop with her legs spread wide open, her coochie aimed up at the sky. Taking this as an obvious come-on, he pulls down his tights, flies down and rams the hell out of her, and then flies away without saying a word.

The next day Spiderman walks up to Superman and says, "Not sure what happened yesterday, but the Invisible Man is looking for, and he sure is mad."


I'm going to start an education program aimed at changing kids' reading habits to post-rapture Christian novels. It's called "no, child, 'Left Behind!'"


I recently entered a contest that aimed to find the worlds most dirtiest person, and I got second place.

I went to the competition dressed in garbage and humbly accepted the second place trophy. First place however was a real asshole.


For a series of games aimed at children...

Mario games sure do encourage swearing!


In The Military a janitor wanted to go out to the battlefield...

When the soldiers were getting ready for a battle the janitor told the general that he wanted to fight. The general gave him a broom and said "point this at the enemies and say 'bangity bang bang' and when they get close say 'stabbity stab stab'" "ok" the janitor replied. Once the janitor got out on the battlefield he aimed his broom and said "bangity bang bang" to his surprise the enemy dropped dead. Amazed, the janitor bagan repeating the words "bangity bang bang! Stabbity stab stab!" he repeated this until there was only one person left on the field. no matter how many times he said "bangity bang bang" and "stabbity stab stab" nothing worked. The last man pushed the janitor to the ground and said "tankity tank tank"


The Bear hunter

There was a guy and he was out in the woods hunting. He was walking through the bush and he spotted a bear, so he aimed at the bear - shot - walked over saw no blood no fur no bear! So then he feels a tap on his shoulder he turns around and it is the bear, "Did you just try to shoot me?"

"Well yeah"

"Well seeing as you tried to kill me I'm gonna have to rape you!"

So the bear does his business and leaves! The guy is really mad so he goes to the city, buys an even bigger gun and goes out looking for the bear. He sees it takes the shot - walks over no blood no fur no bear! Then he feels a tap on the shoulder it is the bear again!

"Did you just try and kill me again?"


"Well now i have to rape you again!"

So the bear did his thing and left! The guy was really mad, went back to the city and found the biggest gun he could! He went back, found the bear took a shot - walked over no blood no fur no bear. The guy then feels a tap on the shoulder!

"You aren't in this for the hunting are you?"