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Raising The Dead!

This elderly couple is watching one of those television preachers on TV one night.

The preacher faces the camera, and announces, "My friends, I'd like to share my healing powers with everyone watching this program. Place one hand on top of your TV and the other hand on the part of your body which ails you and I will heal you."

The old woman has been having terrible stomach problems, so she places one hand on the television, and her other hand on her stomach. Meanwhile, her husband approaches the television, placing one hand on top of the TV and his other hand on his groin.

With a frown his wife says, "Ernest, he's talking about healing the sick, not raising the dead."

A brunette's pain

A distressed brunette tells her doctor that no matter where she touches her body, she feels horrible pain. The doctor asks her to demonstrate. She proceeds to touch her chin, which results in a whimper. She touches her breast, and she starts to cry. She touches her leg and she lets out a scream.

"Stop," he says, " I believe I know what ails you. But first I must ask, are you naturally a blonde?"

"Why yes I am," she says, "how did you know?"

"You have a broken finger"

God decided to visit Earth... He traveled from Heaven to the big city. He walked down the street until he came upon a beggar sitting against a wall, crying.

"What ails you, my son?" asked God.

"I've been overtaken with a crippling disease and I can no longer walk" replied the man.

However, God took pity on the beggar and cured him with a snap of the fingers. The beggar stood up and ran down the street, laughing with joy.

Ambling down the road, God spies another man sitting on the curb, crying.

"What ails you, my son?" asked God again.

"Well," said the wretch, "Last week a pot fell on my head and I was struck blind."

With another snap of his fingers God granted sight to the man, who thanked Him profusely before walking away.

Continuing down the boulevard God spotted yet a third man sitting on the curb, weeping to himself.

"What ails you, my son?" asked God?

"Well, sir," said the man, "I am a high school chorus teacher."

And the Lord sat down and wept with him.

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