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  1. An elderly couple is in church. The wife says to the husband, "I've let out one of those silent farts, what do I do?" The husband says, "Change the battery in your hearing aid."
  2. Your parents in 1996: Don't trust ANYONE on the Internet. Your parents in 2017: Freedom eagle dot Facebook says Hillary invented AIDS.
  3. What's big, black and loaded with aids? A new Cadillac Escalade with cruise control, lane alert, navigation, downhill descent control and parking assist.
  4. My friend was bleeding, and the first aid book told me to apply pressure. So I told him if he didn't stop bleeding right away, he'd die.
  5. British teenager Emma Raducanu has just won $2.5m by winning the US open final Sadly she needed 2 band-aids and a bandage for a cut on her leg in the last game, so she still owes about $25k
  6. My gay friend's had an 80's themes costume party. I came dressed up as AIDS. Nobody really knew what I was at the start of the party, but by the end, everybody got it.
  7. There's only one problem with North Korea's miracle cure for AIDS and Ebola: The directions say the medication must be taken with food.
  8. Patient: "Gimme the bad news first!" Doctor: "You have AIDS."
    Patient: "What's the good news?"
    Doctor: "You have alzheimer's."
    Patient: "Well that's not so bad, at least I don't have AIDS."
  9. What's the difference between Jim Jones and Donald Trump? Trump would've charged for the kool-aid.
  10. My dad bought himself a new hearing aid. "It's state of the art," he boasted. "Cost me a fortune."
    "Awesome," I replied. "What kind is it?"
Aide joke, My dad bought himself a new hearing aid.

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Aide One Liners

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  1. What kind of STD's do fish get? Merm-aids
  2. What STD do sailors get the most? Merm-aids
    (Inspired by a Family Guy joke)
  3. What's the hardest part about hearing your sister has AIDS? acting surprised
  4. I thought I would go and help out in Africa ...turns out they have enough aids.
  5. I love volunteering at the AIDS clinic. Everybody is so positive.
  6. "What do we want?" "HEARING AIDS!"
    "When do we want them?"
  7. I just found out the kool-aid man plays on a baseball team. He's the pitcher.
  8. Which STD is transmitted through sound? Hearing aids
  9. I have AIDS and Alzheimer's Thank goodness I don't have AIDS
  10. What do you give a sick lemon? lemon-Aid
  11. Have you heard the one about the baby with AIDS? It never gets old.
  12. If you're African you will get this: (WARNING: racist) AIDS
  13. I sent my hearing aids in for repairs three weeks ago I haven't heard anything since
  14. What do you call first aid on a pirate ship? Sea pee yarrrrrrrr!
  15. I was pretty sure my girlfriend didn't have AIDS... but now I'm positive.

Aide joke, I was pretty sure my girlfriend didn't have AIDS...

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Donald Trump said, "I declare April as s**... Assault Awareness month."

His aide said, "So what do think are some good ways to prevent it?"
Trump replied, "Prevent it?"

That's a lot of zeros

An aide comes into the Oval Office and says to Trump:
"Sir, three Brazilian solders were killed in Afghanistan last night."
Trump looks absolutely devastated, nobody's ever seen him like this.
He sinks back in his chair, saying oh my god over and over.
Then he composes himself and says:
Okay. Just remind me, how many are there in a brazillion?"

An aide slides up to Trump and whispers in his ear discreetly

"Mr.President, one of your shoes is black, and the other is brown!"
Trump said
, "Yes, I noticed it myself. I went to change but when I looked in the closet, the only other pair I had was also one black and one brown"

An old man is put into a nursing home by his daughter...

He sits in the common lounge room and leans to the left.
A nurse aide runs over and stops him from falling from his chair and straitens him up.
A few minutes later He starts leaning to the right - but again a nurse aide runs over and straitens him up.
Later, his daughter calls in to see how he is settling.
I quite like this place he says but they don't let you f**......

Vladimir Putin, surrounded by his aides and bodyguards.....

visits a modern art exhibition. "What the h**... is this green circle with yellow spots all over?" he asked. His aide answered, "This painting, president Putin, depicts our heroic peasants fighting for the fulfillment of the plan to produce two hundred million tons of grain."
"Ah-h… And what is this black triangle with red strips?" "This painting shows our heroic industrial workers in a factory." "And what is this dwarf with donkey ears?"
"Mr. president, this is not a painting, this is a mirror." 


A congressional aide asks a politician, "What are we going to do about the new abortion bill?"
The politician replied, "Shhhhh -- just pay it."

A pirate captain is about to pillage a Royal Navy ship.

He calls to his aide, "Bring me my red coat!" When the aide asks why, he says, "If I get shot, the men won't see it and will keep on fighting." The aide praises the captain's intelligence and fetches the jacket. Then, as soon as they are about to attack, a lookout yells, "Captain, we just realized that there are in fact 20 ships!" The captain suddenly goes very pale and calls, "Bring me my brown pants."

I got a job assisting a fledgling orchestra with their day to day activities and helping to organize upcoming shows...

My official title is Band Aide.
(I thought of this in the shower, so it's definitely not funny)

New hearing aide

A friend of mine got new a hearing aid and he was ecstatic over how much better he could hear.
"It's like night and day", he said. "I can't believe all the sounds I was missing"
I asked, "What kind is it?"
He answered "about a quarter to four"

George Bush sits in his office during the Iraq War.

During a meeting with the cabinet, his aide walks up to him and says "Mr. President, we've just received word that twelve Brazilian soldiers died yesterday in Iraq."
George puts his head in his hands and is visibly shaken by the news.
He looks up at the shocked cabinet members and asks "How many is a brazillion?"

Trump at the Olympics

Donald Trump is opening the Olympic Games and has to read a speech.
"Oh" he says. "Oh, oh, oh ..."
An aide nudges him, "Mr. Trump, stop," he says. "You're reading the Olympic symbol."

An attorney called the governor just after midnight,...

...insisting that he talk to him urgently. An aide eventually agreed to wake up the governor.
"So, what is it?" grumbled the governor.
"Judge Jones has just died," said the attorney, "and I want to take his place."
Replied the governor: "Well, it's OK with me if it's OK with the undertaker."

Trump hears Obama got a smaller crowd than him

"Really? What was he doing?" Trump asks gleefully
"Ordering breakfast at McDonalds drive thru." His aide said.

A White House aide tells Donald Trump that one hundred people will attend his next event.

"A hundred thousand people?" Trump asks, "Do we even have enough room for 1.5 million people?"

I scream, you scream

Because one of us doesn't have a hearing aide

An aide asks a pro life politician 'what do you want me to do about the abortion bill,sir?'

The politician replies 'pay it.'

Switzerland declares war on China.

The Chinese President is informed by one of his aides that Switzerland has declared war on them. The president calmly asks:
"What's the population of Switzerland?", the aide replies: "8 million, sir", and so the president says: "Alright, which hotel will they be staying at?".

Everyone's attacking Rubio, but it's not his fault

His aide wrote the same thing on both his palms.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gives an opening speech at the Tokyo Olympics.

He walks up to the microphone. "O!" he says, which is followed by applause.
"O!" he says again, as an ovation.
"O!" he says again, and the audience stands up and cheers. Suddenly, an aide runs up to the podium.
"Prime Minister Abe," the aide whispers, "those are the Olympic logo rings, you don't need to read all of them!"

A congressional aide asks an Alabama congressman how he wants to proceed with the abortion bill

the congressman responds ,"Shhh... I said I would pay it!"

What did Trump's aides say when he was worried about the NK Summit?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Two old ladies were talking in a coffee shop.

Agnes, you have a suppository in your ear.
**Agnes**: So *that's* where my hearing aide went.

A congressional aide asks the politician, What should we do about this abortion bill?

Politician: Shh. Just pay it.

What does an elderly composer use as a walking aide?

A Zimmer frame

More an anecdote than a joke, but still telling....

As Japan invaded Manchuria, the Chinese general called in his aide for daily reports.
On day one, the aide said, "Not good. More than 2000 Chinese dead, just seventeen Japanese dead."
The general dismissed him without a word.
Next day, the aide somberly reported, "1700 Chinese dead, only 25 Japanese dead."
Again the general dismissed him.
On the third day, the aide entered the office & said, "General, 1300 Chinese dead, just 37 Japanese."
"Good," said the general. "Pretty soon, no more Japanese."

Aide joke, More an anecdote than a joke, but still telling....

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