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What is the most influential culture in the world?


A degree in agriculture is great to have.

It allows you to work in a variety of fields.

I'm jealous of agriculture majors who become farmers...

Because they always find a job in their field.

I've decided on my college major!

Agriculture. I've heard it's a very large field.

How do you call a culture that only agrees?

An agriculture

What are your career goals?

Me: I'd like a job in agriculture.


Me: It's a growing field.

Did you hear that the Department of Agriculture is outlawing round bales of hay?

They claimed the cows weren't getting a square meal.

Agriculture joke, Did you hear that the Department of Agriculture is outlawing round bales of hay?

Did you hear about the comedian who got a degree in agriculture?

He got a job on a funny farm.

Someone asked me what my angle was on agriculture..

I said I'm pro tractor

Let me hear your best agriculture related jokes!

Students in one of my ag classes are required to tell a couple jokes to the class to start off the day. Only problem is 1) I am awful at telling jokes and 2) I do not know any. Please help me not tank this! Thank you.

I studied agriculture and communications at university, specialising in sheep

I came out with a b.a.a

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A supervisor at the US Department of Agriculture was seen crying at his desk...

Employee: Why are you crying?

Supervisor: My farmer died.

The professor of agriculture was a scarecrow

He was outstanding in his field.

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