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I'm jealous of agriculture majors who become farmers...

Because they always find a job in their field.

I've decided on my college major!

Agriculture. I've heard it's a very large field.

How do you call a culture that only agrees?

An agriculture

What are your career goals?

Me: I'd like a job in agriculture.


Me: It's a growing field.

Did you hear that the Department of Agriculture is outlawing round bales of hay?

They claimed the cows weren't getting a square meal.

Did you hear about the comedian who got a degree in agriculture?

He got a job on a funny farm.

Let me hear your best agriculture related jokes!

Students in one of my ag classes are required to tell a couple jokes to the class to start off the day. Only problem is 1) I am awful at telling jokes and 2) I do not know any. Please help me not tank this! Thank you.

Someone asked me what my angle was on agriculture..

I said I'm pro tractor

A farmer and his family are approached by a government worker.

A government worker comes by the farm and tells the farmer that the government has now decided to improve its agriculture and will now reward all the farmers in the country with a mill to be built at no cost to them. The farmer refuses and politely asks the man to leave his property. The worker insists that the farmer allow the government to build him a complimentary mill, stating that no harm will come from this. The farmer again asks the man to leave and left with no choice, he does. The farmer's wife and son ask him "Why didn't you accept the offer?" and the farmer responds back "There's no such thing as a free mill."

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