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Best Short Agricultural Jokes

Short agricultural puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The agricultural humour may include short industrial jokes also.

  1. I'm jealous of agriculture majors who become farmers... Because they always find a job in their field.
  2. I want a pet duck But can't get one in my town without an agricultural permit.
    Oh, well. no farm, no fowl.
  3. What are your career goals? Me: I'd like a job in agriculture.
    Me: It's a growing field.
  4. Did you hear that the Department of Agriculture is outlawing round bales of hay? They claimed the cows weren't getting a square meal.
  5. Did you hear about the comedian who got a degree in agriculture? He got a job on a funny farm.
  6. I had to return those books on Middle Eastern agricultural products. They were past the Dubai dates.
  7. I studied agriculture and communications at university, specialising in sheep I came out with a b.a.a
  8. A supervisor at the US Department of Agriculture was seen crying at his desk... Employee: Why are you crying?
    Supervisor: My farmer died.
  9. During agricultural revolution canines... ...became dogmesticated.
Agricultural joke, During agricultural revolution canines...

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Agricultural One Liners

Which agricultural one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with agricultural? I can suggest the ones about rural and farming.

  1. What is the most influential culture in the world? Agriculture.
  2. A degree in agriculture is great to have. It allows you to work in a variety of fields.
  3. I've decided on my college major! Agriculture. I've heard it's a very large field.
  4. How do you call a culture that only agrees? An agriculture
  5. I decided to invest in an agricultural company I was impressed with their organic growth
  6. What do new agricultural students call their first week? Threshers.
  7. Someone asked me what my angle was on agriculture.. I said I'm pro tractor
  8. Agricultural engineers regularly advance their fields. Tl;dr: My dad taught me well
  9. Why did the agricultural sciences student get a PhD? Gotta grow the field!
  10. The professor of agriculture was a scarecrow He was outstanding in his field.
  11. White people can plant corn, but shouldn't grow maize. That's agricultural appropriation.
  12. Did you hear that Iowa State is now offering Agriculture courses? It's a growing field

Agricultural joke, Did you hear that Iowa State is now offering Agriculture courses?

Playful Agricultural Jokes to Add Joy and Laughter to Your Group

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Stalin visits a farm

One day, Joseph Stalin visits an agricultural collective. And so....
Stalin: Comrade, how much wheat do you have?
Farmer: Comrade Stalin, we have enough wheat to reach God!
Stalin: Comrade, as a Marxist, you know that there is no God!
Farmer: Comrade Stalin, as a Marxist, you know that there is no wheat!

The Russian Potato Crop The Agricultural managers always have to report the yearly crop numbers to the Chairman, and they always lie a little to make themselves look good. But one year the potato crop is very bad.

The potatoes are small, and there aren't very many of them. But the managers tell the Chairman, "There are so many potatoes! We have made a huge mountain of them, that reaches all the way up to God." the Chairman says, "Don't be silly now, you know God doesn't really exist." The managers look at each other and then one of them says "Neither do the potatoes."

Agricultural joke, Did you hear that the Department of Agriculture is outlawing round bales of hay?

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