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A couple are walking through St Petersburg Square on Christmas Eve

They feel a slight precipitation.
The man says, "I think it's raining."
His wife disagrees, "No, it's snowing!"
Unable to agree, the man says, "why don't we ask the nice Communist officer over here? He's always right! Officer Rudolf, is it raining or snowing?"
"Definitely raining," said the officer before walking off.
"See?" the husband says, "Rudolf the Red knows rain, dear."

My wife believes in compromise

If we agree on something we do it my way, and if we disagree we do it her way.

Programmers and mathematicians disagree on a lot of things

but at least we can all agree 0!=1

9 out of 10 Americans agree

...that out of 10 Americans, one American will always disagree with the other nine.

The problem with the American two-party system is that everyone agrees one political party is s**... and the other party is evil

But they violently disagree about which one is which.

When my wife and I disagree about something, we sit down and talk it through like adults...

...and then we agree that she was absolutely right.

When Canada became independent, a committee was made to name the new country.

The three men included disagreed on all names brought up so far. Finally, they all decided to just say one letter that they could use to add together to make a name they all agreed on.
The first guy said "C, eh?"
The second guys went "N, eh?"
The last guy goes "D, eh?"
And that's how we got the name Canada.

Two guys are arguing if there is baseball in heaven...

Two guys are arguing about whether there is baseball in heaven. One says there is and the other says there isn't. They go back and forth and in the end agree to disagree. They make a bet that if one of them dies that they come back and tell the other if there really is baseball in heaven. 
A few months later one of the two dies and, true to his word, comes back and tells the other he has good news and bad news. Good news is that there is baseball in heaven! Bad news is you're scheduled to pitch next Thursday.

My friend told me I'm indecisive.

I told her I disagree. Then I took it back and agreed with her.

Did you hear about that kid called Agree who kept getting bullied?

Everybody agreed to *dis*agree.

Mike and David are stranded in the desert...

Mike and David are stranded in the desert. They've been walking for ages without food or even a sip of water. All of a sudden in the baron wasteland they find a mosque. David and mike agree that it is their best bet to go to the mosque because there'll be food and shelter. On the way to the mosque mike says "David, let's pretend to be Muslims they'll treat us a lot better. If they ask what my name is I'm gonna say Mohammed". David disagrees and thinks this is a s**... idea. Eventually they get to the mosque and the gates open. They enter inside and immediately the men inside ask their names.
"My names David".
"Come inside David we have food and water for you. What's your name sir"?
"My name is Mohammed".
"Ah come in Mohammed let's pray, fast opens in 6 hours"

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