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Studies have shown that a deer can jump higher than an average house.

This is because deer are agile animals and also due to the fact that a house cannot jump.

A circus is holding auditions and a 91 year old man shows up. "What do you do?" asks the ringmaster.

"I bend over backwards," says the man, "and pick up a handkerchief off the floor with my teeth."

"Wow," says the ringmaster, impressed that this elderly man is agile enough to do this. "Then what do you do?" he asks.

"Then I bend over again," says the man, "and pick up my teeth."

We used to call my Grandad spiderman...

He wasn't agile, he just couldn't get out of the bath.

Which Sith lord was the least dextrous and agile?

Darth Ritis.

You have to be careful nowadays while walking alone

Earlier today, some guy pulled a scissors on me.

I'm glad I was agile enough to pull a rock from my pocket. If I pulled out paper, I would've lost.

Teenagers are incredibly agile.

They can turn on their parents in an instant.

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