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The wife & I have just been to the cinema to see that film, Suffragette.

Two hours of a woman's struggle... full of tears, aggression, sadness, anger and frustration.

Anyway, after she finally managed to park the car in the cinema car park, we rushed in and caught the credits.

Every time I chase the birds away from our backyard, my wife gets triggered.

She calls it my crow aggression.

What do you call it when someone is angry on a dirty job?

A Mike Rowe aggression.

Say what you will about George W Bush, but he wouldn't have stood for North Korean aggression...

He'd have invaded New Zealand by now...

My doctor says I have aggression issues

Next time he says that he won't get away with only a broken nose!

What is it called when you bully a midget?

Micro aggression

Did you hear about the nudists that attempted to forcefully take over a local beach?

It was roundly condemned as a case of n**... aggression.

What is this "hurricane harvey"

Here in the north we call it the war of Atlantic aggression

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