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Is your meeting agenda full of jokes? This article takes a look at how teams can keep their agenda productive by prioritizing the most important tasks. Learn more about hidden agendas and how to make proposals that everyone can comprehend. Make the most of your agenda with these helpful tips.

Howlingly Hilarious Agenda Jokes for All Ages to Enjoy

With all the politically correct agenda these days, you can't even say Black Paint!

You have to say, Leroy, please paint my fence!

I'm an auto mechanic...

So I can safely say I don't understand the gay agenda.

But I do understand the Trans mission.

My stoner friend rolled a joint using a page from my agenda notebook.

He is high on my list of priorities.

Homophobes assume that because I'm in the LGBTQ+ community I must have some kind of gay agenda.

... How many times do I have to explain to them? I'm non-binary! I don't have agenda at all!

So an LGBTQ group plan a meeting one day.

And the leader of the group asks: What's on the agenda?

One of the group members stand up and say: A top hat. Thanks for noticing!

Homophobic people assume that because I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community I must have some sort of "gay agenda". How many times do I have to tell them?

I'm agender/non-binary, I don't have agenda at all!

Why don't you put a post office next to a liberal arts college?

They'll always argue over the male agenda.

Agenda joke, Why don't you put a post office next to a liberal arts college?

I'm making a plan to write all of my friends' names in alphabetical order...

I have a social list agenda.

Why are there no politically correct superheroes?

Because they don't want to assume the villain's agenda.

I hate when people say "you never seem to have any free time"

How dare you assume my agenda

I had a meeting with my boss today. He said "are we going to discuss sales figures followed by recruitment?"

Did he just assume my agenda?

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My phone charger has been exposing its inner wires to promote its agenda.

It's a shameless plug.

Genderqueers must have a tough time scheduling..

Because they don't have agenda

-Trump's top agenda for his first 100 days in office :

make everyone use "bigly" in conversations so he doesn't look like a fool for being the only one who uses this word .

How do you know all cars have an LGBT agenda?

All of them have a transmission.

The Spanish have an agenda!

Whereas the English have a diary

Agenda joke, The Spanish have an agenda!

Is a transmission anything like a gay agenda?

I don't know anything about cars.

Like a forgetful middle schooler,

I have no agenda

In the agendas available to all engineering students...

There are helpful tips written by senior students.

One of which reads "Girls are not like chimpanzees, it's okay to make eye contact."

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