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The three most well-known spy agencies are the CIA, KGB, and MI5.

The rest are good.

What do you call a potato that becomes US President and silences the news, silences government agencies, silences government funded science and ends international treaties?

A dic-tater.

Ever wonder why African dating agencies are so successful?

The clients always click

I wrote a college paper about government agencies slowly encroaching on internet privacy.

It's called "NSA: An Essay."

Most countries can boast that their intelligence agencies installed spies in foreign countries.

The Russians can boast that they installed a president.

What do you get if you breed a shark with a dog?

Investigated by several animal welfare agencies.

Advertising agencies should start using gametes in their commercials

Because you know, sex cells

Want the safest home security for free?

Just hang a ISIS flag up and the RCMP, CSIS, FBI, CIA and all other agencies will be watching the house 24/7

A business that sells belts

to executives of garbage collection agencies called "Waist Management"

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