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Best friends wife.

Two midle aged men who were the best of frinds since several years are talking over a beer. Suddenly one of them says in a thoughtful voice: "If I have sex with your wife, does that men we become related?" The other one looks at him with wide eys and says: "Nooo, but we become even..."

A 90 year old man gets married...

A 90 year old man gets married to a 20 year old. He goes to the doctor to make sure that he is physically fit enough for relations.

The doctor then says, "You know how young folks can get lonely without someone of their own age to talk to, why don't you get a young border to... keep her company?"

The 90 year old man thinks this is an excellent idea. Later the doctor meets up with him and asks, "How is your wife?"

The old man says, "Great she is pregnant."

The doctor then says, "And how is your young border?"

The old man replies, "Just as great, she is pregnant too!"

Relative's be like

Them: What's your age ?

Me: I'm 20

Them: Oh, when i was your age i was 21

Yo mama so fat

She died of coronary heart disease at a relatively young age and left the family with much of her debt.

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